The Advantages of Crystal Chandelier LED Bulbs

This blog explains the advantages of crystal chandelier LED bulbs and what to look for.  Selecting the right LED light bulbs can be confusing.  What is a watt versus a lumen?  What is the difference between a daylight bulb and a bright light bulb?  Can I use an LED bulb in my fixture?  Is my crystal chandelier LED or do I just buy LED replacement light bulbs?  Lastly, do I really want LED lights for my home?

LED Bulbs

With energy conservation in mind, many of our GLOW crystal chandeliers are compatible with LED light bulbs.  Further, LED’s are the most energy efficient bulb and most environmentally friendly.  LED’s have less demand on hydro plants and therefore reduces the greenhouse gas emission. Keep in mind they are more expensive to purchase.  However, the savings on your electricity bills will eventually cover the onset cost of the bulb over time. Generally speaking, a good quality LED bulb is long lasting.

Like anything else quality is important. A high quality light bulb makes your crystal chandelier pop.  Lastly, learn about GLOW Lighting fixtures and how the right LED bulb achieves the look of eye candy.  Our blog on the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide and our other crystal chandelier articles are valuable reads before selecting your fixtures.

What is a Lumen?

Traditionally, we purchased our light bulbs based on watts, which essentially converts to the amount of energy they consume.  Whereas these days we measure the amount of light that the bulb generates, in other words lumens.  For example: 40W = 450 lumens, 60W = 800 lumens, 75W = 1100 lumens and 100W = 1600 lumens.  Therefore when purchasing LED light bulbs, think in lumens not watts.

Our modern crystal chandeliers use GU10 sockets. In other words you may use an LED replacement bulb with a GU10 base.  Furthermore, our crystal chandeliers are line voltage which means there is no transformer to worry about.  Whereas LED fixtures have the driver built in, our chandeliers do not.  You have the option of a halogen GU10 or an LED bulb. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

How to Choose an LED Bulb

Choosing the correct lighting will affect the atmosphere and ambience of a room. Selecting the right LED light bulb for your fixture is the best way to achieve the desired effect of your room.  Again, it’s form and function. What are the needs of the space? Another thing to ask yourself, do I need a lot of light or more subtle lighting?  How to buy crystal chandelier bulbs that are right, will save time, money and frustration.

Light color is measured in degrees, which is referred to as Kelvin’s (K). A lower temperature bulb will amid a soft yellow/white light, where a higher temperature will have a blue tone.

For instance: Soft White has a more yellow tone and ranges between the 2000k to 3000k and is standard for bedrooms, living room and dens. Most like the light given off from incandescent bulbs.

Warm White is 3100k to 4500k and appears quite white, which works well for task lighting in the kitchen, bathroom and work space.

Daylight or Cool White is next with 4600k to 6500k and has a blue white tone, which is perfect for reading. It is ideal for task lighting.

Last but not least, Bright White is over 6500k with a bright blue quality and is ideal for spaces that require a very high intensity of light output.

We suggest either warm white or soft white to achieve the best quality of light and sparkle in a crystal chandelier.  It gives off warm hues and brings out the best in your chandelier.  Additionally the warm white or soft white will enhance the reflective qualities of the crystal.

To Sum Up

To sum up, LED light bulbs are an energy efficient option to illuminate your crystal chandelier.  The next blog in our Crystal Chandelier Bulbs series will discuss the Pros and Cons of Halogen Light Bulbs.



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