Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

When it comes to bathroom lighting design ideas the options are endless.  Bathrooms have gone to a whole new level.  It is a room we want to spend time in.   It’s our calm retreat from all the hustle, bustle and noise.

Bathroom Remodel Lighting Ideas 

The first step is to determine what kind of bathroom remodel you are planning on.   An update may be as simple and inexpensive as adding a new light fixture and a coat of paint.  The other end of the spectrum is a total remodel including tile, vanities and new bathroom fixtures.

Lighting is an integral upgrade when it comes to decorating a bathroom.  Remember it sets the tone of the room with style as well as function.

When making the lighting choices, keep in mind the uses of the bathroom.  Direct light is needed if applying make-up and perhaps putting in contact lenses.   Most importantly, the family bathroom needs more direct and task light then would a powder room.

The Layered Lighting Look

Layered lighting is an important component of the lighting design.   For example, a master bath could have overall recessed lighting plus a vanity or sconce wall lighting for the sink area.  The icing on the cake is a show stopping chandelier.

There are so many unique pendant light styles to draw from.  The designs may be sleek and modern or elaborate crystal chandeliers.  Keep in mind, crystal ceiling lights are ideal for adding glamour to bathrooms with lower ceilings.

Last but not least, wall sconces are illuminating art.  The sconce is the finishing touch.  Horizontal vanity lights go over the mirror, providing light.  Vertical wall sconces flank the mirror and depending on the ceiling height, may be short or long.

Bathroom Chandeliers Ideas

Chandeliers used to be only for dining rooms but have now found their way into bathrooms and powder rooms.  As well as being a light source, a chandelier ties the room decor together.   A stunning light fixture is the focal point of the space.

Be it simple sophistication or ornate and outrageous, there are so many looks you can achieve with a little imagination and creativity.  Bathroom lighting ideas come at you from all directions. You have to decide if the room design is going to be modern, traditional or a combination.

Modern Bathroom Chandelier Ideas 

I love the clean, sleek contemporary beaded chandeliers which mimic raindrops.  The purity of the cascading smooth crystal is calming.  Furthermore, it’s breathtaking when the crystal plays off natural light streaming into the bathroom.

However, modern chandeliers and vanity lights come in a variety of shapes and styles.  Glass or crystal chandeliers add a luxurious vibe to the room.  A properly scaled modern light fixture will ground the bathroom and give it a distinct personality.

In contrast, pairing a traditional crystal chandelier with a modern vanity is another option.  A dazzling classic light fixture brings in a level of warmth.  The blending of modern and traditional elements can open up a variety of lighting design ideas.  Be creative with tones, textures and colors and let the bathroom reflect you.

Capiz Shell Chandeliers

For example, a capiz shell chandelier and coordinating wall sconces, has a causal coastal aura.  The zen experience is created with teeming strands of light and airy shell.  Additionally, the spa-like design can continue with a sleek vanity with clean lines.  Natural elements such as light wood, plays off capiz shell perfectly.

The Last Word on Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

When it comes to bathroom lighting design ideas the options really are endless.  We hope you are inspired to light up your bathroom.  As always, we love for to share your comments and pictures.



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