Glow beaded crystal restaurant pendant chandelier
Terri Scordino Design, Sterling Inn.

Smooth Crystal Beads

The smooth crystal beaded chandelier styles feature pristine smooth crystals and spotlight a wide variety of sleek and innovative designs. The modern smooth crystal shape offerings are made up of a variety of assorted size balls; teeming strands of smooth beads and balls and glistening half pear and tear drop trimmings.

Faux Pearl Beads

Glow Faux Pearl Beads Trim Options Sample Swatch Custom

The lustre and elegance of the pearl-like beads captures the look of natural pearls. The Faux Pearls consist of man-made materials that give the beads the pearly opalescent essence.

Signature Series Glass Shapes

Glow Glass Shapes Trimming Option Sample Swatch

Oversized transparent pear shaped glass globes creating an airy and weightless effect. Prismatic tri-cut glass as well as rounded front half round trims are sleek and stream lined. Glow thinks outside the box. Pairing tri-cut or half round trims with alternating strands of sparkling crystal octagons it takes sophistication to the next level.

Signature Series Crystal Beads

Signature Series Crystal Trim places the emphasis on the overall styling of a fixture, by incorporating a variety of crystal types to suit the design. Falling within the Signature Series are collections featuring smooth color beads as well as clear beads and balls.


Our in house creative design team will work with you and advise you on how to customize a light fixture to best suit the application. Please contact us to discuss the project specifications, design options and budget.