Bead And Bubble Chandeliers

Bubble Chandeliers

There is nothing that says sophistication like a light and airy beaded light fixture. The designs range from contemporary glass bubble chandeliers to vintage inspired pearl like bead chandeliers. Be it glass bubbles, crystal beads and balls, or pearl like beaded light fixtures, these designs set the tone. From urban to suburban, mountains to the sea coast bubble and bead lighting transcends convention.

Beaded Chandeliers

Glass or crystal bubbles, as well as smooth clear crystal beaded light fixtures with larger crystal ball accents, create a tranquil ethereal look. The beauty of pristine crystal beaded lighting is the ability to fit in with any room décor style. There are a wide variety of sleek and innovative design options to make your room your own. Smooth crystal beaded light fixtures feature clear smooth crystals and spotlight a wide variety of sleek and innovative designs. The modern smooth crystal bead offerings are made up of a variety of assorted size balls; cascading strands of smooth crystal beads and balls and glistening glass bubbles.

Pearl Like Chandeliers

The luster and elegance of the pearl like beads captures the look and qualities of natural pearls. The manmade pearl like beads have a romantic creamy champagne toned opalescent essence to them. The faux pearl beads accented with clear crystal beads creates a beaded chandelier with style, texture, and depth. Pearl like beaded light fixtures are ideal from master bedroom to foyers.

Beaded Empire Chandelier 

The traditional Empire chandeliers have a modern twist with crystal bead trimmings as well as pearl like beaded styles.  The mini beaded chandeliers, as well as the larger beaded chandeliers, are ideal for foyers, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and baths.

Many beaded and bubble glass flush mount and chandelier styles are complete with shimmery sheer double lined shades. The shimmering sheerness of the drum shades along with the oval and rectangular shades create a shadow effect with the outline of the beads peeking through.

Beaded Sconce

Alone or as a complementary accessory to a beaded chandelier, a beaded wall sconce completes the look. The illuminating art adds drama and presence to the room design.  

Add a little whimsy to your décor with bubble chandeliers and beaded light fixtures.

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