Capiz Chandelier Beach Decor Ideas

Capiz chandelier beach decor ideas are lush seashell lighting ideas.  Coastal decor is clean, sophisticated and elegant. Think deep blue water, clear blue sky, seashells and pure white sand. Hopefully, this article will give you coastal decorating ideas that will inspire you.

Keep in mind that beach decor ideas come from a state of tropical tranquillity. You don’t have to live at the beach to create your own coastal living vibe.  Furthermore, the key is to have the inspiration and then adapt the ideas to suit your lifestyle. Our line of seashell chandeliers plays off the relaxed beach house tone.  In addition, customizing a capiz shell chandelier to your specifications is a great option to consider as well.

Coastal Decorating Ideas

What is coastal decor? American Coastal Style is an airy, relaxed, casual decorating style with lots of natural light. The colors are inspired by the seacoast with a palette of beige, sand, taupe, blue, aqua and azure. Natural fabrics are a must along with a lot of texture.  As well, the furniture is casual, comfortable and inviting. In addition, accessories should be natural and invoke the beach and seashore without being contrived.  It’s important to keep in mind that less is more, and edit, edit, edit.

Even if the weather outside is cold and dreary; our beach house lighting ideas will bring the seaside indoors. For instance, shell chandeliers, flush mounts, pendants and wall sconces are ideal for setting the casual chic tone.  Furthermore, our capiz chandelier beach decor ideas are perfect for decorating with shells in a meaningful way.

Our information on shell chandeliers should help in your quest for beach decor ideas. Please read The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide for valuable information on chandeliers. The proper size, shape and style are key in selecting the right light fixture.

Coastal Lighting Ideas

A coastal chandelier may be a ceiling flush mount, semi-flush or hanging pendant trimmed with capiz, oyster or mother of pearl shell.  It’s important to note that cottage style chandeliers don’t have to be just wagon wheels anymore. Any fixture with texture and a casual flavor are ideal for cottages, beach houses and chalets as well as relaxed urban living.

Keep in mind, when updating your lighting with simple modern shell designs, that less is more.  Select one type of shell in a room, and tie it in with your over all room decor.  Every piece should be intentional and not contrived. Most importantly, strategically place the light fixtures and shell wall sconces in the overall lighting plan.  Finally, How to Buy Crystal Chandelier LED bulbs gives helpful hints in choosing the best type of bulb to properly light the space.

We breakdown our three varieties of seashells that achieve the coastal chandelier look. They include capiz, oyster shell, and mother of pearl.  The wide variety of shell chandelier options either with oval, rectangular or drum shades or no shades at all, are limitless.  Furthermore, all three types of shell are ideal for the American Coastal Style of design.  The shell style choice depends on your room decor, color palette and personal preference.

Mother of Pearl Chandeliers

First is the sophisticated dark-hued mother of pearl shell.  Mother of pearl chandeliers, foyer lighting; ceiling lights and sconces create drama and are the wow in the room design. Our cover picture shows how we customized a mother of pearl chandelier for Tamsin Design Group playing off a variety of coastal lighting ideas.

No two shells are alike with this iridescent lustrous dark-hued shell. The rich color veining varies from shell to shell be it the round or the rectangular cut version. When looked at from various angles the different color tones are reflected. In addition, the iridescence allows a rainbow of color to come into play.  Depending on the amount of light coming into the room, shades of blue, green, purple tones will be picked up.

On its own or with dazzling clear or color crystal accents, this seashell lends an air of drama and glamor. By it’s nature, the mother of pearl shell is the most formal and exotic of all the seashells.  From country chic to downtown elegance, the stunning mother of pearl shells adds contrast and richness to the decor style.

An open concept space is a great example of how to decorate with shell as part of the overall design. For instance you could start with a dramatic mother of pearl foyer chandelier to set the tone. Then, install dark shell pendants over the island and compliment the look with a coordinating shaded mother of pearl chandelier over the dining table. Depending on the shape of the table it could be oval; rectangular or a drum shade chandelier. The sheer shade brings another texture to the space.  Lastly, if there is a fireplace in the great room, shell sconces flanking it completes the look.

Coastal decorating ideas Omni mother of pearl shell rectangular shade chandeliers

Coastal decorating ideas Omni mother of pearl shell and crystal rectangular shade chandeliers

Oyster Shell Lighting

The next shell is the lush oyster shell.  It is an opalescent natural toned durable seashell.  Again, no two shells are the same. Therefore, the cream and beige palette may also be accented with peach, taupe or grey hues. The beauty of the oyster shell lighting designs is the different veining running throughout the fixtures. Clear crystal accents are like stars twinkling and add to the aura.

The lush oyster shell cut in round or rectangular shapes creates an inviting relaxed beach feeling. The neutral tone oyster shell light fixtures are ideal for spaces decorated with the beige, taupe and sand palette.

An example of bringing in oyster shell lighting into your space could be as simple as updating the bathroom lighting. In this case, a tropical natural toned oyster shell and crystal ceiling light is ideal. Wall sconces on either side of the vanity mirror finish off the design. Once again, the look is intentional and not contrived.

Capiz chandelier beach decor ideas La Jolla rectangular cut oyster shell v shape chandelier

Capiz chandelier beach decor ideas La Jolla rectangular cut oyster shell v shape chandelier

Capiz Shell Lighting

Last but not least is capiz shell. The thin translucent white shell has a delicate quality that exudes casual beach living.   The delicate seashell has a light and airy quality and is beautiful alone or mixed with crystals. Many capiz shell lighting styles have the addition of clear crystals. They are like stars twinkling among the dainty shells.

Furthermore, our capiz chandelier beach decor ideas are perfect for those who wish to capture the breezy casual coastal kitchen look.  Light and airy seashell pendants or a rectangular chandelier are perfect for kitchen island lighting.  A white shell pendant chandelier over the table ties the look together. The addition of a sheer shade adds yet another layer of texture. The key is to use a common element, such as the capiz shell but not a matched set.

In upcoming blogs, we will explore other coastal decorating ideas.  Our seashell lighting ideas cover the entire home from bathrooms to living rooms. Lastly, our goal is to give you modern lighting ideas with a GLOW Lighting twist.

Capiz chandelier beach decor ideas white capiz shell rectangular chandeliers in kitchen

Capiz chandelier beach decor ideas 2 white capiz shell rectangular chandeliers in kitchen setting

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope we were able to inspire you to bring the outdoors indoors with our chic coastal decorating ideas. Please take a look at our seashell trimming options.



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