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  • Glow beaded crystal restaurant pendant chandelier Types of Crystal Beaded Light Fixtures

    Crystal beaded light fixtures come in all different styles, shapes and sizes. The beaded trimming that we use, range from smooth clear crystal beads and balls to man made pearl-like beads.  For example our clear and faux pearl bead designs include traditional as well as  empire basket styles with a modern twist. Oval, rectangular and

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  • Modular chandelier frame system Form & Function crystal light Von Braun Center What is Custom Lighting?

    What exactly is custom lighting?  What is the difference between custom light fixtures and a customized chandelier?   Customizing a fixture is altering and adapting an existing Glow product in some manner.  Custom  light fixtures on the hand takes the design concept and builds a new light.  Additionally, custom lighting is an ideal solution for

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