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  • Tamsin Design Group Custom Rectangular Mother Of Pearl Chandelier Instagram Image Capiz Chandelier Beach Decor Ideas

    Capiz chandelier beach decor ideas are lush seashell lighting ideas.  Coastal decor is clean, sophisticated and elegant. Think deep blue water, clear blue sky, seashells and pure white sand. Hopefully, this article will give you coastal decorating ideas that will inspire you. Keep in mind that beach decor ideas come from a state of tropical

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  • Modular chandelier frame system Form & Function crystal light Von Braun Center What is Custom Lighting?

    What exactly is custom lighting?  What is the difference between custom light fixtures and a customized chandelier?   Customizing a fixture is altering and adapting an existing Glow product in some manner.  Custom  light fixtures on the hand takes the design concept and builds a new light.  Additionally, custom lighting is an ideal solution for

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