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  • Modern Rectangular Crystal Chandelier | Urban Essentials 595 by GLOW Lighting Crystal Chandelier Bedroom Light

    Our goal is to show you how to spice up your bedroom with a new crystal chandelier bedroom light.   We talked about different chandelier ideas In our article Inspiring Crystal Bedroom Chandelier Ideas  .  However in this post we will explain and get into more detail on the correct size light fixture needed based on

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  • Crystal chandeliers modern lighting design blog Soho oval beaded chandelier with black shade in dining room Selecting Dining Room Crystal Chandeliers

    Selecting dining room crystal chandeliers is not an easy decision. We are always asked if there is a particular style of dining room crystal chandeliers that suits all dining rooms?  The answer in a nutshell is no; the options are endless.  Crystal light fixture designs are traditional, modern and transitional. It is important to keep

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  • Dwayne Bergmann Interiors - Custom Crystal Chandelier Color Crystal Glow Lighting The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide

    The ultimate crystal chandelier guide will help you navigate the dazzling world of crystal lighting.  What are crystal pendant chandelier guidelines?  Does grandma’s old chandelier come to mind when you think of crystal lighting? Does modern; traditional or transitional suit your design style? Or perhaps you prefer a combination of different styles.  In reality are

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  • What are Maria Theresa Chandeliers?

    What are Maria Theresa chandeliers?  Maria Theresa chandeliers are a specific style of crystal chandeliers. They are elaborate crystal arm chandeliers.  Additionally, these European inspired glass arm chandeliers are accented with crystal elements. Keep in mind that Maria Theresa chandeliers started in Austria in the court of Marie Antoinette’s mother Maria Theresa. The glass arm

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  • Rodney Webb Interior Designer Dining Room Custom Lighting Crystal Beaded Chandelier Glow Lighting The Advantages of Crystal Chandelier LED Bulbs

    This blog explains the advantages of crystal chandelier LED bulbs and what to look for.  Selecting the right LED light bulbs can be confusing.  What is a watt versus a lumen?  What is the difference between a daylight bulb and a bright light bulb?  Can I use an LED bulb in my fixture?  Is my

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  • Empire Crystal Chandelier Designs

    The original empire crystal chandelier originated in Europe.  The ornate hanging crystal candelabra was  illuminated by candle light. These elaborate crystal chandeliers were lavishly trimmed with opulent trimmings and banding. The sizes ranged from small up to large empire chandelier designs.  These finely crafted crystal basket chandeliers were dramatic elegance. Glow’s take on the empire

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  • Long Square Crystal Chandelier | Cityscape 598M by GLOW® Lighting; CFL Bulbs and Crystal Chandeliers

    Compact fluorescent bulbs known as CFL bulbs and crystal lighting isn’t a match made in heaven!  We have been crystal lighting manufacturers for over 28 years and when it comes to crystal chandeliers, we are industry experts. From our vantage point, the right light bulb choice is almost as important as the design. What are

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