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  • Inside Style Las Vegas Interior Design Custom Lighting Custom Chandelier How to Update a Chandelier with Shades

    How to update a chandelier with shades is Sheer Magic.  Transforming your crystal chandelier with shades is a snap with our innovative chandelier shade system. This article offers drum shade dining room light fixture ideas. We will also be sharing ways of updating your existing Glow® ceiling light by adding a drum shade. Lastly, you Continue Reading
  • Foyer lighting for high ceilings large Island Paradise capiz shell drum chandeliers Popular Crystal Drum Chandeliers That Dazzle

    Our popular crystal drum chandeliers come in a variety of designs, trimmings and sizes.   In addition, the drum pendant lights are trimmed with crystal as well as capiz shell or beads. Lastly, our drum shade chandeliers accessorized with sheer shades play with shade and light creating a beautiful effect.  The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is

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