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Our blogs on modern lighting ideas range from chandeliers to ceiling lights. Modern home lighting ideas include wall sconces.

Our goal is help you make your lighting decisions with thought to design, decor and personal taste. Modern lighting design ideas also explain the difference between modern and contemporary styling. However, in reality most people use the two words interchangeably.

Our take is that modern lighting uses sleek polished chrome frames with a variety of trimmings. When you think of modern design think crisp, clean and uncomplicated design.

  • Bubble Chandelier - Double Shade Chandelier | Finishing Touches 007R by GLOW Lighting Contemporary Rectangular Crystal Chandeliers

    Contemporary rectangular crystal chandeliers make a statement in dining rooms; kitchens and open concept spaces. Furthermore, they are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms as well.  In addition, modern & contemporary rectangular chandeliers come in different styles and sizes. Our variety of trimmings sets us apart. With trim options ranging from modern crystals to

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  • Modern Rectangular Crystal Chandelier | Urban Essentials 595 by GLOW Lighting Inspiring Crystal Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

    Inspiring bedroom chandelier ideas range from modern crystal chandeliers to classic empire chandeliers. The right bedroom chandelier size and style is key.  Be it crystal, capiz shell or beads and balls, bedroom lighting sets the tone of the room. There is nothing that says sophistication like a stunning chandelier.  Now, let’s get inspired. Master Bedroom

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  • Santa Monica beach home luxury interior design Crystal Rain Chandelier Glow Lighting Credit Charles Neal Interiors Halogen Bulbs for Crystal Chandeliers Pros & Cons

    This next article in our light bulb series is all about halogen bulbs with a GU10 base.  Along with halogen GU10 light bulbs and LED’s the outdated incandescent bulbs are being replaced with more energy efficient bulbs.  Halogen lamps (bulbs) are technically incandescent bulbs, but are more energy efficient and longer lasting. On one hand

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  • Long Crystal Ceiling Light | Cityscape 598M by GLOW® Lighting. Crystal Chandeliers-Modern Lighting Design

    Before we discuss crystal chandeliers modern lighting design ideas, we need have to have a general understanding about modern and contemporary design. What is Modern Lighting? Are modern and contemporary the same?   Actually, they are two distinct styles.  Firstly, modern is a sleek, clean design with elegant simplicity.  It is form and function, which is

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  • Form & Function triangle shape modular crystal chandelier Von Braun Center 4 of 4 Modular Lighting System: Form & Function

    Today we are discussing the next facet of Glow Custom: Form & Function modular lighting system. Many spaces in a home; hotel or office lobby have an unusual, or irregular flow.  Maybe the rooms have awkward layouts making lighting an issue.  Or perhaps you simply want a customized modern crystal chandelier that’s unique and outside

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