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Our series of ceiling lighting articles give insight and inspiration when deciding on a crystal flush mount light. We give helpful hints for low ceilings and small spaces. On the other hand, we show how ceiling close up lights work in large spaces as well.

In addition our ceiling light articles give helpful hints too. For example, we explain in detail how to clean crystal light fixtures. Another example is how to update your ceiling light with a shade.

Finally, the blogs will show the different ways to mix and match modern and traditional ceiling light styles.

To sum up our ceiling light articles are informative and interesting reads.

  • Foyer ceiling lights customized Divine Ice long stand two story foyer light Ways to Customize Crystal Light Fixtures

    Think of Glow Custom like a crystal with many facets.  First is Custom Alteration which makes up a large part of our Custom Department. We are able to adapt  an existing Glow light fixture and create custom length crystal chandeliers to suit the space. Our specialty is finding ways to  customize crystal light fixtures such

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  • Square crystal flush mount Cityscape by GLOW® Lighting Crystal Flush Mount Lighting Guide

    Our crystal flush mount lighting guide helps you in your quest for the perfect light fixture.  Just because you have low ceilings doesn’t mean you have to have boring light fixtures. Furthermore,  crystal semi flush ceiling lights give the effect of a chandelier without the height. Lastly, when light plays off crystal flush mount ceiling

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