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Chandelier blogs are a series of articles about crystal chandeliers.  We discuss light bulbs, LED lighting as well as crystal chandelier styles and trends. In addition the chandelier blogs include posts on capiz chandeliers as well as beaded.

Furthermore many articles will feature information about modern chandeliers as well as classic crystal designs.  Our ideas include ways to create a coastal look with capiz shell. Another example is selecting the right size chandelier for your space be it large or small.

Lastly, our chandelier articles explain how to maintain and clean a crystal chandelier.

To sum up our goal is explain all about crystal chandeliers.

  • How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

    Why are we attracted to a crystal chandelier? What is it that makes a dazzling light fixture the pocal point of your dining room or master bedroom?  How do you give a small room chandelier impact?  The answer is the brilliance of course.  We have a quick and simple solution on how to clean your

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  • Rodney Webb Interior Designer Dining Room Custom Lighting Crystal Beaded Chandelier Glow Lighting Ways to Customize Crystal Light Fixtures

    Think of Glow Custom like a crystal with many facets.  First is Custom Alteration which makes up a large part of our Custom Department. We are able to adapt  an existing Glow light fixture and create custom length crystal chandeliers to suit the space. Our specialty is customized rectangular crystal chandelier and customized crystal drum

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  • Crystal Chandelier Bathroom Lighting

    When it comes to crystal chandelier bathroom lighting ideas the options are endless.  Bathrooms have gone to a whole new level.  It is a room we want to spend time in.   It’s our calm retreat from all the hustle, bustle and noise. Our ultimate crystal chandelier guide gives information and a road map on crystal

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  • The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide

    The ultimate crystal chandelier guide will open your mind to the amazing world of crystal lighting.  When you think of crystal chandelier hanging lights, does grandma’s old chandelier come to mind?  As a matter of fact just as chandeliers have transformed over the years so has Glow.  More than 25 years ago we started with

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  • LED Lights for Home

    Over the next few articles, we will be discussing the pros and cons of LED lights for home use. Global warming is a hot button issue with everyone concerned about the environment and energy consumption.  Studies show that half our carbon footprint is from electricity and almost ¼ of that is from lighting.  How do

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  • How to Size a Chandelier

    How to size a chandelier is always a big deal. How to  measure for a chandelier correctly that fits the space is important. After much soul searching, you have decided now is the time to buy a dining room chandelier.  Remember, it’s the focal point of the room.  In addition, it is an investment piece

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  • GLOW Lighting Smooth Beaded Crystal Sterling Inn Dining Niagara Modern Contemporary Ceiling How to Buy Crystal Chandelier Bulbs

    Not sure what type of bulb to use in your fixture?  The big decision: LED versus halogen GU10 base or incandescent versus compact fluorescent. There are so many choices when it comes to selecting the proper crystal chandelier light bulb. We will discuss how to buy crystal chandelier  bulbs. With a variety of light bulbs

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