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Chandelier blogs are a series of articles about crystal chandeliers.  We discuss light bulbs, LED lighting as well as crystal chandelier styles and trends. In addition the chandelier blogs include posts on capiz chandeliers as well as beaded.

Furthermore many articles will feature information about modern chandeliers as well as classic crystal designs.  Our ideas include ways to create a coastal look with capiz shell. Another example is selecting the right size chandelier for your space be it large or small.

Lastly, our chandelier articles explain how to maintain and clean a crystal chandelier.

To sum up our goal is explain all about crystal chandeliers.

  • Ways to Customize Crystal Light Fixtures

    Think of Glow Custom like a crystal with many facets. Our specialty is finding ways to  customize crystal light fixtures such as a customized rectangular crystal chandelier or customized crystal drum chandelier designs. The first facet is Custom Alteration which is a large part of our Custom Department. We take an existing Glow light fixture

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  • Dining room crystal chandeliers Regina Sturrock Designs. Two Maria Theresa dining room chandeliers. How to Size a Chandelier

    How to size a chandelier correctly is a concern for most people when buying a new light fixture. They are unsure what size round chandelier or rectangular pendant works best for their dining room; bedroom; kitchen or foyer.  Most importantly is figuring out how to measure for a chandelier that fits the space properly.  

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  • How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

    We have two methods  on how to clean a crystal chandelier and keep it sparkling.  One is a quick and simple solution while the other is more labor intensive but key to keeping your chandelier sparkling clean. Keep in mind the reasons why are we attracted to a crystal chandelier.  What is it that makes

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  • Dwayne Bergmann Interiors - Custom Crystal Chandelier Color Crystal Glow Lighting The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide

    The ultimate crystal chandelier guide will help you navigate the dazzling world of crystal lighting.  What are crystal pendant chandelier guidelines?  Does grandma’s old chandelier come to mind when you think of crystal lighting? Does modern; traditional or transitional suit your design style? Or perhaps you prefer a combination of different styles.  In reality are

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  • Crystal Chandelier Bathroom Lighting

    When it comes to crystal chandelier bathroom lighting ideas the options are endless.   Master baths have gone to a whole new level.  It is a room we actually want to spend time in.   It’s our oasis, a calm retreat from all the noise and chaos. Our ultimate crystal chandelier guide gives information and a road

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  • Coastal decorating ideas Omni mother of pearl shell rectangular shade chandeliers Choosing the Right Crystal Chandelier Bulb

    There are many different types of light bulbs on the market.  With so many light bulbs these days, choosing the right crystal chandelier bulb can be rather confusing.  Are energy efficient bulbs the best choice for my capiz shell or beaded chandelier?  How do I know which chandelier bulb to select that’s  best for my

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  • Form & Function triangle shape modular crystal chandelier Von Braun Center 4 of 4 Modular Lighting System: Form & Function

    Today we are discussing the next facet of Glow Custom: Form & Function modular lighting system. Many spaces in a home; hotel or office lobby have an unusual, or irregular flow.  Maybe the rooms have awkward layouts making lighting an issue.  Or perhaps you simply want a customized modern crystal chandelier that’s unique and outside

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