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Our foyer lighting blogs are informative as well as entertaining. The articles will cover how to use foyer fixtures to your advantage. Furthermore, the articles will explain the correct sizing for high ceilings. We also show that foyer chandeliers are also ideal for any space with tall ceilings.

The foyer lighting blogs will also illustrate layered lighting for the entry. For example we explain how to use a crystal chandelier along with recessed lighting, wall sconces and finally table lamps.

Lastly, we will give instructions on how to keep your crystal chandelier sparkling clean.

Our goal with the foyer blogs is to make your entryway inviting and impressive.

  • Extra Large Chandelier | Windsor Royale 551 by GLOW® Lighting Grand Crystal Chandeliers

    What are grand crystal chandeliers? Simply speaking, they are traditional foyer crystal chandeliers.  A large crystal fixture is an investment and will be enjoyed for many years. For the most part traditional foyer chandeliers have elaborate crystal trimming with crystal or iron framework. In addition, these large fixtures are perfect as high ceiling lighting for

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  • Crystal chandelier LED bulbs Silhouette crystal bead foyer chandelier with 2 black drum shades for Regina Sturrock Design Foyer Chandelier Ideas and More

    The first impression of the home is made with an impressive entryway chandelier.  Keep in mind the overall room decor.  Ideally, if you have large windows, the entryway light is harmonious with the outdoor surroundings. Our goal is to give you foyer chandelier ideas and much more too.  In order to make it easier, we

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  • Hanging Shell Chandelier | Black Magic 586 by GLow® Lighting Foyer Crystal Chandelier Hacks

    Is a foyer crystal chandelier the same as a dining room chandelier? How high should an entryway chandelier hang? What is a foyer ceiling light?  Is there a rule of thumb for how large the crystal chandelier should be? Can a large crystal foyer chandelier go in a great room? What type of light fixture

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