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The custom lighting design blogs are a series of articles relating to Glow Custom. The posts include ways to customize crystal chandeliers and alter them to suit.

For example, we will explain how a ceiling light may be converted into a hanging pendant. Another article will show we add or take away length to create the proper height fixture for your space.

Other custom lighting design blogs  will talk about true Custom made crystal lighting as well as alternatives. For instance, our custom in a box Form & Function modular system is a great topic.

  • Modular chandelier frame system Form & Function crystal light Von Braun Center What is Custom Lighting?

    What exactly is custom lighting?  What is the difference between custom light fixtures and a customized chandelier?   Customizing a fixture is altering and adapting an existing Glow product in some manner.  Custom  light fixtures on the hand takes the design concept and builds a new light.  Additionally, custom lighting is an ideal solution for

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  • Foyer ceiling lights customized Divine Ice long stand two story foyer light Ways to Customize Crystal Light Fixtures

    Think of Glow Custom like a crystal with many facets.  First is Custom Alteration which makes up a large part of our Custom Department. We are able to adapt  an existing Glow light fixture and create custom length crystal chandeliers to suit the space. Our specialty is finding ways to  customize crystal light fixtures such

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  • Modern Foyer Chandelier| Silhouette 590 by GLOW® Lighting.; Large Scale Crystal Ceiling Light Designs

    A large crystal ceiling light is a bigger scale light fixture that hug the ceiling.  Much like foyer crystal chandeliers, our large flush ceiling lights are ideal for residential and commercial spaces.  Furthermore, the diverse size range makes them perfect choices for restaurant and hotel projects.  In addition, large scale crystal ceiling lights come in

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  • Form & Function triangle shape modular crystal chandelier Von Braun Center 4 of 4 Modular Lighting System: Form & Function

    Today we are discussing the next facet of Glow Custom: Form & Function modular lighting system. Many spaces in a home; hotel or office lobby have an unusual, or irregular flow.  Maybe the rooms have awkward layouts making lighting an issue.  Or perhaps you simply want a customized modern crystal chandelier that’s unique and outside

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