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Dining room lighting ideas are a series of blogs focused on dining lighting ideas.  We talk about the proper chandelier sizes for different dining rooms.  The best chandelier styles for the different table shapes are also highlighted.

We talk about beaded chandeliers, modern lighting as well crystal chandelier ideas.  Furthermore, we give coastal lighting ideas.  We show how capiz shell chandeliers create the casual feel.

In addition, the blogs show how we mix and match styles.  Such as, pairing a modern crystal chandelier with classic furniture.

The articles include how to clean your crystal chandelier.  It’s important to know the maintenance and care involved  before making a decision.  The articles on light bulb types are important reads as well.

Lastly, our lighting ideas are simply a guide.  Be prepared before buying your  crystal dining room chandelier.

To sum up, dining room lighting ideas are informative and entertaining.

  • How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

    What is it that makes a dazzling chandelier the centerpiece of your dining room or master bedroom?  How do you give a small room chandelier impact?  It’s the brilliant sparkle of course.  We have a quick and simple solution on how to clean your crystal chandelier. PREPARATION IS KEY We find that preparation is the

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  • GLOW Lighting Capiz Shell Dining Room Rectangular Pendant Chandelier And Wall Sconce Beach Decor Ideas – Shell Chandeliers

    Coastal decor is clean, sophisticated and elegant. Think azure water, clear blue sky, seashells and pure white sand. You don’t have to live only at the beach to create a coastal living vibe. Beach decor ideas come from a state of tropical tranquillity.  The key is to have the inspiration and adapt the ideas to

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  • How to Size a Chandelier

    After much soul searching, you have decided now is the time to buy a dining room chandelier.  Remember, it’s the focal point of the room.  In addition, it is an investment piece and you don’t want to buy the wrong size.  Many people are unsure what size chandelier or linear pendant works best for their

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