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    Helpful Tips Before Buying Light Fixtures

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Our helpful tips before buying light fixtures, makes your decision making process easier. The more information we can provide, the better.

Our blog on How to Size a Chandelier gives important tips on the proper dimensions based on your room size.  In addition the article explains the correct height. These tips save you from making a mistake when you buy your chandelier.

In addition, other helpful tips before buying light fixtures  include blogs on  decor themes such as beach lighting decor. We explain how to get the coastal chic look with capiz chandeliers without overdoing it.

Our articles will be ever evolving, with frequent new tips and ideas . With these tools, choosing a new crystal light fixture stress free.

  • Crystal Flush Mount Lighting Guide

    Our crystal flush mount lighting guide helps you in your quest for the perfect light fixture.  Just because you have low ceilings doesn’t mean you have to have boring light fixtures.  When light plays off a crystal ceiling light fixture it creates a stunning prismatic effect on the ceiling.  What are Crystal Ceiling Light Fixtures?

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  • The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide

    The ultimate crystal chandelier guide will open your mind to the amazing world of crystal lighting.  When you think of crystal chandelier hanging lights, does grandma’s old chandelier come to mind?  As a matter of fact just as chandeliers have transformed over the years so has Glow.  More than 25 years ago we started with

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  • Long Square Crystal Chandelier | Cityscape 598M by GLOW® Lighting; LED Light Fixtures Pros & Cons

    LED Light Fixtures Pros and Cons is the first article in our LED Lights for Home series.  In this post we will be discussing the pros and cons of integrated LED lights.  It is important to keep in mind that LED lights are 80% more efficient incandescent bulbs.  Furthermore LED bulbs burn cooler and don’t

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  • master5A How to Update a Chandelier with Shades Glow Lighting Crystal Chandelier Bedroom Light

    Our goal is to show you how to spice up your bedroom with a new crystal chandelier bedroom light.  Our blog Inspiring Crystal Bedroom Chandelier Ideas discussed different chandelier ideas.  This article however will explain the correct size light fixture based on the room size.   In addition we will discuss different types of crystal chandelier

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  • LED Lights for Home

    Over the next few articles, we will be discussing the pros and cons of LED lights for home use. Global warming is a hot button issue with everyone concerned about the environment and energy consumption.  Studies show that half our carbon footprint is from electricity and almost ¼ of that is from lighting.  How do

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  • Bubble Chandelier | Soho 626RM by GlOW Lighting Dining Room Crystal Chandeliers

    Is there one particular style of dining room crystal chandeliers?  The answer in a nutshell is no; the options are endless.  The dining room chandelier creates the wow factor.  It’s the focal point of the room.  With that in mind, the style and type of crystal chandelier depends on the table, room size and ambience

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  • How to Size a Chandelier

    How to size a chandelier is always a big deal. How to  measure for a chandelier correctly that fits the space is important. After much soul searching, you have decided now is the time to buy a dining room chandelier.  Remember, it’s the focal point of the room.  In addition, it is an investment piece

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