How to blogs give information on a range of lighting ideas to make life easier.  For example we demonstrate simple ways to clean a crystal chandelier.

Another example explains the ways to choose the right size chandelier.  In this case we give a road map on selecting the perfect size light fixture.

Throughout the year, our range of topics will cover how to choose a dining room chandelier as well as choosing a chandelier. We will also discuss the proper way to size a chandelier and updating a chandelier with shades.

Other ideas we will highlight ways to pack a chandelier and moving a chandelier.  In these cases the answer is very carefully!

In conclusion the blogs will be informative lighting suggestions.

  • How to Buy Crystal Chandelier Bulbs

    Today we will discuss how to buy crystal chandelier light bulbs. Crystal chandelier light bulb types come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Not sure what type of bulb to use in your light fixture?  There are many choices when it comes to selecting the proper crystal chandelier light bulb for your specific

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  • Inside Style Las Vegas Interior Design Custom Lighting Custom Chandelier How to Update a Chandelier with Shades

    The answer to how to update a chandelier with shades is Sheer Magic.  Transforming your crystal chandelier with shades is a snap with our innovative chandelier shade system. This blog will give you drum shade dining room light fixture ideas. We will also be sharing ways of updating flush mounts with shades. Lastly, you can

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  • How to Size a Chandelier

    After much deliberation, you have decided now is the time to buy a shell, beaded or crystal chandelier. How to size a chandelier is always a big deal.  Most importantly, figuring out how to measure for a chandelier that fits the space is the important part.   Many people are unsure what size chandelier or

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  • How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

    Why are we attracted to a crystal chandelier? What is it that makes a dazzling light fixture the focal point of your foyer; dining room, powder room or master bedroom?  The answer is the brilliance of course.  We have two methods  on how to clean a crystal chandelier and keep it sparkling. One is a

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  • Create a Crystal Light Fixture

    Fuzion X offers you a world of possibilities to create a crystal light fixture. Can’t find the right crystal pendant or sconce?  You know what you want but can’t find it?  We have the solution.    Fuzion X is a two step system for creating crystal pendants and wall lights. You can forget about the

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  • LED Lights for Home

    Over the next few articles, we will be discussing the pros and cons of LED lights for home use. Global warming is a hot button issue with everyone concerned about the environment and energy consumption.  Studies show that half our carbon footprint is from electricity and almost ¼ of that is from lighting.  How do

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  • GLOW Lighting Traditional Black Iron Crystal Chandelier Kitchen Contemporary Dining Crystal Chandelier Incandescent Light Bulbs

    Today’s article is on incandescent light bulbs.  Our light bulb blog series started with an overview of crystal chandelier bulbs.  We then discussed LED replacement bulbs as well as halogen bulbs. There is a large segment of the population that has converted to LED’s.  However, there are many people that prefer incandescent lamping when it

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