Solutions on room lighting covers ideas for every room in your house.  Tips on crystal chandeliers. ceiling lights and sconces are featured. The blogs will give ideas and helpful information to help solve lighting issues.

In addition, the articles for solutions on room lighting will explain how to get the best light and look for small spaces as well up to large foyers.

The blogs are valuable reads before you purchase a new crystal light fixture. Keep in mind the information is useful for lighting placement of your existing chandeliers as well.

  • Capiz Shell Flush Mount | Cityscape 598C by GLOW® Lighting; Living Room Lighting with Crystal Chandeliers

    In this article we offer living room lighting solutions.  We get a lot of questions about how to achieve a specific look while still getting good light.  Our living room lighting solutions focus on crystal chandeliers, ceiling lights and wall sconce options.  However, keep in mind that the tips are ideal for other styles of

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  • Create a Crystal Light Fixture

    Fuzion X offers you a world of possibilities to create a crystal light fixture. Can’t find the right crystal pendant or sconce?  You know what you want but can’t find it?  We have the solution.    Fuzion X is a two step system for creating crystal pendants and wall lights. You can forget about the

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  • Crystal Chandeliers Kitchen Island Lighting

      We are obsessed with kitchen lighting, especially when it comes to crystal chandeliers kitchen island lighting ideas. The kitchen is the heart of the home, with the island being the gathering place.  It’s the place where family and friends get together to prep and eat meals. Office work along with children’s homework is completed

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  • Square crystal flush mount Cityscape by GLOW® Lighting The Advantages of Crystal Chandelier LED Bulbs

    This blog explains the advantages of crystal chandelier LED bulbs and what to look for.  Selecting the right LED light bulbs can be confusing.  What is a watt versus a lumen?  What is the difference between a daylight bulb and a bright light bulb?  Can I use an LED bulb in my fixture?  Is my

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  • Crystal Chandelier Bathroom Lighting

    When it comes to crystal chandelier bathroom lighting ideas the options are endless.  Bathrooms have gone to a whole new level.  It is a room we want to spend time in.   It’s our calm retreat from all the hustle, bustle and noise. Our ultimate crystal chandelier guide gives information and a road map on crystal

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  • Glass Bubble Chandelier | Silhouette 590 by GLOW® Lighting.; Small Room Crystal Chandelier Ideas

    Small room crystal chandelier ideas create a big impact on your room design. The number one rule is to take advantage of natural light and play it up. Keep the room light and airy.  The overall look of the lighting should be cohesive in the space, but doesn’t have to be “matchy- matchy”. Keep in

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  • Crystal Strand Chandelier | Omni 627A by GLOW® Lighting Crystal Chandeliers-Modern Lighting Design

    What is Modern Lighting? Before we discuss crystal chandeliers modern lighting design ideas, we need have to have a general understanding about modern and contemporary design. Are modern and contemporary the same?   No, they are two distinct styles.  Firstly, modern is a sleek, clean design with elegant simplicity.  It is form and function, which is

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