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    Living Room Lighting Ideas

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Living room lighting ideas include casual and formal lighting styles.  Furthermore, living room lighting design ideas aren’t simply table lamps. Our ideas showcase crystal, shell and beaded chandeliers.

In addition, our blogs explains lighting designs for open concept spaces. We show how to create a flow with chandeliers and ceiling lights.

Family rooms and living rooms are important rooms.  Our blogs explain how to use the right light fixtures for the space.

  • Crystal chandelier LED bulbs Silhouette crystal bead foyer chandelier with 2 black drum shades for Regina Sturrock Design Foyer Chandelier Ideas and More

    The first impression of the home is made with an impressive entryway chandelier.  It is important to keep in mind the overall room decor.  Ideally, if you have large windows, the entryway light is harmonious with the outdoor surroundings. Our goal is to give you foyer chandelier ideas and much more too.  In order to

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  • Inside Style Las Vegas Interior Design Custom Lighting Custom Chandelier Traditional Living Room Chandeliers

    In this article we discuss traditional living room chandeliers.  Furthermore our best living room crystal chandeliers and lighting ideas highlight classic designs.  We get a lot of questions about how to achieve a specific look while still getting good light.  Our traditional living room chandeliers focus on crystal light fixtures and wall sconce options.  The

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