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Our chandeliers are a series of lighting collections featuring contemporary and traditional designs. The light fixtures are offered in a wide variety of shell, glass bubble, beaded and crystal trimmings. Sure to suit all styles, the chandeliers are ideal for kitchens; dining rooms, foyers; bathrooms and great rooms as well as master bedrooms.  ...Read More


Simple chrome frame styles cover the spectrum from round to square to oval and rectangular. The styles range from small scale pendant chandeliers to large dining room statement chandeliers fitting any room decor style. The lighting design is modern in feel but coordinate with more traditional rooms as well.

Traditional chandelier designs have dazzling crystal arms draped with elegant crystal. The empire chandelier is timeless elegance and suits traditional or transitional decor.

The tone is set with the elegant shimmery sheer double lined shades featuring drum, oval and rectangular shapes in soft white, rich taupe and dramatic black. The shaded styles coordinate with the capiz, mother of pearl and oyster shell, glass bubble, beaded and crystal trimmings. 


Creative Artful Designs →

Modern Chandeliers are a series of contemporary lighting fixture collections featuring crystal, shells, beads and glass chandeliers and ceiling lights. The simple chrome frame styles cover the spectrum from round to square to oval and rectangular. The lighting design is modern in feel, but coordinate with more traditional rooms as well. ...Read More


There is a dazzling variety of modern chandeliers and flush and semi-flush mounts trimmed with glass shapes, clear beads, pearl-like beads and assorted crystal drop styles. Cascading strands of smooth crystal bubbles are offered in flush mount and dining room sizes all the way up to foyer chandeliers.

The tone is set with the elegant shimmery sheer double lined shades featuring round, oval and rectangular shapes in soft white, rich taupe and dramatic black with contemporary designs. 

Rectangular chandeliers are offered in collections with smooth and faceted crystal, glass, shells and beaded trimmings.  The chandeliers are available in a variety of styles from elaborate classic crystal trims to breezy more casual designs. ...Read More


Be it city or cottage living, crystal beaded fixtures or dazzling  crystal, rectangular chandeliers are sure to set the tone.  Light and airy capiz, oyster and mother of pearl shell trims create a calming relaxed coastal vibe.

The contemporary linear styling is endless, including designs accented with double lined sheer shades.  The shimmering  rectangular organza shades are available in soft white, rich taupe and dramatic black.

The uses for rectangular chandeliers are endless.  From kitchens to dining room, bedrooms to family rooms the linear chandeliers complete the room decor. 


Raising The Bar →

Beaded chandeliers and ceiling lights features collections of smooth crystals and spotlight a wide variety of sleek and innovative designs. The modern smooth crystal shapes are made up of a variety of assorted size balls, teeming strands of smooth crystal beads and balls and half pear as well as tear drop trimmings.  ...Read More


Many beaded chandeliers and flush mounts are complete with shimmery sheer double lined shades. The sheerness of the drum shades along with the oval and rectangular shades creates a shadow effect with the outline of the crystal beads peeking through.

The lustre and elegance of the pearl like beads captures the look of natural pearls. The faux pearls consist of man-made materials that give the beads the opalescent essence. The creamy champagne tones of the pearl-like beads accented with clear crystal bead accents creates a beaded light fixture with texture and depth.

Beaded sconces round out many styles of the beaded lighting collections. The illuminating wall art adds drama and presence to the room design. Alone or as a complementary accessory to a beaded chandelier, a beaded sconce completes the look.

Traditional beaded chandeliers have elaborate smooth crystal beaded trimmings and frames with the chic country flair. The mini beaded chandeliers as well as the larger beaded chandeliers, flush and semi-flush mounts and wall sconces are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and baths. 

Drum chandeliers offer a selection of drum, oval and rectangular shaded fixtures ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and foyers.  The tone is set with the elegant shimmery sheer organza shades in white, taupe and black.  From simple to elaborate there are  shaded chandeliers to suit every style of decor. ...Read More


Many oval, rectangular and drum styles are trimmed with dazzling crystal strands accented by an array of assorted crystal shapes.  Clean contemporary polished chrome frames highlight sleek airy crystal bubble trim design in addition to faceted crystal bead trims.

Coastal white capiz shell trim creates a light and airy beach house effect. For more sparkle the linear chandelier trimmed in white capiz shell with clear crystal accents is stunning. The mother of pearl shell shaded chandelier version with dazzling crystal accents is dramatic coastal elegant. Creamy toned oyster shell shaded chandeliers gives off a coastal feeling. Pearl like beaded trim combines contemporary and classic elegance.

From foyer to family room the the variety of drum chandeliers allows you to be creative and play with shade and light.


Light and Breezy Shell and Crystal Lighting →

Capiz chandeliers include: capiz, oyster and mother of pearl shell chandeliers, flush mounts, pendant lights as well as wall sconces. Multi-tiered flush mount styles are featured in square or round shape perfect for smaller spaces. The capiz, oyster and mother of pearl chandeliers and sconces are available in a large assortment of designs. ...Read More

Capiz shell is a translucent delicate thin white seashell that has a coastal beach house feeling. The cottage style capiz shell light fixture is perfect for city living as well.

Oyster shell light fixtures bring the lustre of the opalescent oyster shell lighting front and center. Oyster shell creates casual coastal elegance with cream, peach and beige toned shells. The oyster shell creates a sophisticated casual tropical aura.

Mother of pearl is a dramatic iridescent, rich dark toned shell that creates a dramatic look. The iridescent shell is unique as no two shells are identical. The different color tones add interest and depth to the light fixture.

Capiz chandeliers are offered in a choice of oval or rectangular island lighting with or without shades as well as drum shade styles. For a less causal look, many shell lighting collections are available with dazzling crystal accents. 


We love to help make your house into a home.  Our wide assortments of crystal lighting collections cover the spectrum from classic to contemporary to custom.  Our crystal lighting styles are beautiful, timeless designs.  We are known for our innovative crystal lighting as well as shell designs, custom and customization options. Our lighting products feature high quality workmanship as well as excellent value. Learn More →