Coastal Living Lighting

Coastal Chandeliers

You don’t have to live only at the beach to have the coastal living feeling all year round. The key is to have the inspiration and adapt the ideas to your lifestyle no matter the locale. It’s important to keep in mind that less is more, and edit, edit, edit. Your goal should be casual comfortable and homey. Coastal living lighting is an ideal way to decorate the coastal way.

American Coastal Style is a light, relaxed, casual decorating style with lots of natural light. The colors are inspired by the seacoast with a palette of beige, sand, taupe, blue, aqua and azure. Natural fabrics are a must along with a lot of texture. The furniture is casual, comfortable and inviting.

Beach House Chandeliers

Accessories should be natural and invoke the beach and seashore without being kitschy. This is the perfect opportunity to have fun with shells to achieve a coastal lighting look. Even with a foot of snow on the ground, shell chandeliers, flush mounts; pendants and wall sconces will set the beach house tone.
For the American Coastal style, three varieties of seashells may be used to achieve the coastal chandelier look: Capiz, Oyster shell, and Mother of Pearl.


Capiz shell is a thin translucent white shell. The delicate Capiz has a light and airy quality and is beautiful alone or mixed with crystals. Capiz is perfect to capture the light, breezy casual look. 

Capiz shell pendants or a rectangular chandelier create a beachy feeling over the kitchen island.  To tie the look together, add a Capiz fixture over the table. The key is to use a common element but not a matched set. To create a beachy bedroom, a Capiz pendant with a drum shade would be ideal. 

Oyster shell is an opalescent natural toned durable shell. No two shells are the same and therefore the cream and beige palette may be accented with peach, taupe or grey hues. The beauty of the designs trimmed with the oyster shell is the variance of color veining running throughout the fixture. Oyster shell brings the outdoors indoors.

Oyster shell has more color variation and opalescence than Capiz shell. The neutral tones are ideal for a space decorated with the beige, taupe and sand palette. Clear crystal accents are like stars twinkling and add to the aura.

Mother of Pearl has many unique qualities. No two shells are alike with this iridescent lustrous dark hued shell. The rich color veining varies from shell to shell be it the round or the rectangular cut version. When looked at from various angles the different color tones are reflected.
Mother of Pearl chandeliers, ceiling lights and sconces create drama and are the wow in the room design. Although the Mother of Pearl has dark tones, the iridescence of the shell allows a rainbow of color to come into play. Depending on the amount of light coming into the room, shades of blue, green, purple tones will be picked up.

We have included some examples of coastal living décor that works for beach houses as well as city homes. Have fun playing with coastal living lighting designs.

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