Fuzion X offers you a world of possibilities to create a crystal light fixture. Can’t find the right crystal pendant or sconce?  You know what you want but can’t find it?  We have the solution.    Fuzion X is a two step system for creating crystal pendants and wall lights.

You can forget about the hassle of DIY light fixture projects. You simply choose your frame and the your crystal kit. We do all the work, you simply select from our designs.  

What is the Hanging Light Kit?

Before creating your fixture, here’s everything you need to know about Fuzion X 7M1L small chandelier. Step 1:  Begin with the frame choice for the hanging light kit.  All the polished chrome frame kits are designed with GU10 sockets, which are ideal for halogen or LED replacement bulbs. To learn more about halogen bulbs read our blog series.   We always recommend a clear 50 watt GU10 or LED replacement bulb equivalent.

Fuzion X mini pendants are perfect for kitchen island lighting.  It’s important to note that each pendant light requires a junction box. The dual mounted single light pendant comes on a 72” clear cord.  By adding polished chrome rods, the look of the hanging pendant light changes dramatically.  Finally, a round canopy completes the frame.

Most importantly, our lighting has been tested and meets all safety standards and requirements. They therefore are approved for sale in The United States and Canada.

What about Chandelier Frame Kits?

Another idea in order to create a crystal light fixture are the Fuzion X 7M5L chandeliers 5 light frame kits. The Fuzion X 7M3L chandeliers is the smaller 3 light version. The simple framework is the perfect backdrop for the dazzling crystal designs.

The modern dual mount light kits may be installed as a pendant or flush mounted to a ceiling. Furthermore, this versatile frame makes it ideal for high as well as lower ceilings. Once again the pendant chandeliers are dazzling for kitchen lighting as well as for dining rooms and master bedrooms.

Wall Mounted Light Kits

Creating a crystal vanity light or wall sconce is a snap with the Fuzion X wall mounted light kits. The vanity lights add a luxurious aura to the overall bathroom lighting design.   In addition, the clean-lined polished chrome frames allow the crystal to take center stage.  

The modern single light Fuzion X 7W1L wall sconce is the perfect size for bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. Finding the right crystal vanity light is a challenge. The Fuzion X 7W2L wall sconce for smaller vanities or the Fuzion X 7W3L wall sconce for larger ones, allows you to think outside the box.

Best of All Let’s Talk Crystal

Now we get to Step 2 – Crystal Kits. Here’s the part where your flair for design comes into play.  There are 7 crystal trim kits to choose from.  Styles include single, double and three-layer squares as well as oval and round.

You can mix and match mini pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces.  Each room can have a cohesive look, or have fun and play with the different geometric shapes. The crystal is the common element that ties the look together. Our post featuring the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a helpful road map in choosing the crystal options.

In a kitchen for example, you could have three square, 3 layer pendants over the island.  The kitchen table could have a Fuzion X,  5 light chandelier with the single-layer crystal trim kits. The square shape is the common bond.

Last but not least, color crystal trimming always adds a unique spin.  With a wide range of color choices you could truly customize a crystal light fixture to suit your decor.

FAQ on Create a Crystal Light Fixture

Can the Fuzion X crystal pendant chandeliers be flush mounted?

Yes. The single light pendants and pendant chandeliers are dual mounts, which means they may be installed as ceiling lights, semi-flush or hanging chandeliers.

Can Fuzion X crystal kits be used on other pendants?

Our Fuzion X crystal kits are made specifically for Glow Lighting Fuzion X pendants, pendant chandeliers and wall sconces.

What kind of crystal does Fuzion X come in?

Our crystal kits come in 3 grades of crystal, ideal for all budgets. Our Glow Signature crystal is a good quality budget friendly lead free option. Next is Danube Collection which is our sparkling 30% leaded crystal. Last but not least is the dazzling Swarovski ELEMENTS.

The Last Word

To create a crystal light fixture with Fuzion X the possibilities are endless.  We take the hassle out of DIY and let your creativity shine.

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