Our goal is to show you how to spice up your bedroom with a new crystal chandelier bedroom light.   We talked about different chandelier ideas In our article Inspiring Crystal Bedroom Chandelier Ideas  .  However in this post we will explain and get into more detail on the correct size light fixture needed based on the room size.  In addition we will discuss different types of crystal chandelier hanging lights and ceiling flush mounts.

How to Size Your Bedroom Light

Bedroom lighting ideas Starburst 567 modern crystal chandelier with adjustable wire and crystal beads in guest bedroom

First, let’s get the sizing right.  Just like we highlighted in our How to Size a Chandelier blog, you add the length and width of the bedroom together.  That measurement is then converted into inches.  For example a 16’ x 19’ room would use a 36”w chandelier.

Next you take the ceiling height into consideration.  Generally speaking the chandelier should be approximately 7’ off the floor.  Of course, higher ceilings require longer chandeliers.  By the same token, if your ceilings are low, a flush mounted crystal ceiling light is the answer.

If the crystal light fixture is hanging over the bed, it can be a little longer.  Depending on the location of the junction box, the crystal light fixture may be centred over the bed or closer to the head.  In some instances a chain hung chandelier may have to swagged.

The scale of the chandelier is extremely important.  The size of the bed plays a key role.  Usually a 36”wide chandelier is ideal for a king or queen size bed.   While a 24”wide hanging light is great with a smaller bed such as a double or twin.

Remember, if the fixture is too large it will overpower the bedroom.  On the other hand if it’s too small it will have no impact at all.

More Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Crystal chandelier bedroom light Old World Iron traditional crystal chandelier with sheer silver shade

Crystal chandelier bedroom light Old World Iron traditional crystal chandelier with sheer silver shade

After you determine the size chandelier, we can dive into the fun part… the style.  Here’s where your personal taste comes into play.  Here’s where you can explore different bedroom lighting ideas.  Crystal chandelier hanging lights run the gamut from modern to traditional.   As well, the shapes range from round to square to rectangular.  Polished chrome frames give a clean modern feel, while wrought iron crystal frames are classic looks.  For instance a glass arm chandelier brings old world elegance to the bedroom.  On the other hand a light and airy oval shaped crystal pendant chandelier brings in the modern flair.

Do you prefer a chandelier with a shade?  Does your decor suit oval; rectangular or drum shade crystal chandelier designs?  Is your style clean and simple or more ornate and extravagant?  You can even add a drum shade to a crystal chandelier.   In the world of crystal chandelier bedroom light design, there is something for everyone.

In addition if your bedroom has a slope ceiling, don’t despair. A chain hung crystal chandelier is not a problem. Our pendant light with the hanging rod system requires a slope ceiling adaptor to allow it to hang straight. The polished chrome adaptor attaches to the GLOW one and two rod pendant chandelier designs.

Lastly, flush mounted crystal ceiling lights add sparkle to lower ceilings.  Once again the options are limitless.  Similar to the crystal chandeliers, the shapes and designs are varied.   For example a drum shade crystal flush mount creates a soft modern look.   On the other hand a full crystal basket shape ceiling light brings the old world charm.  Regardless is the ceiling light fixture is traditional or more contemporary, it adds to the atmosphere of the overall room decor.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting for the bedroom is another angle to look at.  Will the room lighting design be layered with recessed lights; a chandelier; wall sconces or table lamps?   Do you want the bedroom to have recessed lighting as well as a crystal light fixture?  Mixing different types of lighting creates interest as well as balancing out the light in the room.  The ambient or general lighting is provided by the crystal chandelier and recessed can lights.   Ambient light is the key to the lighting plan with wall sconces and crystal table lamps providing the accent lighting. The last piece is task lighting.  If you plan on working in the bedroom a good desk lamp fits the bill.

We always recommend that your chandelier be on a dimmer switch.  The dimmer controls the light output needed and saves energy.

Light Bulb Choices for Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier Bedroom Light Vista 628 crystal empire chandelier and ceiling light in small studio apartment bedroom

Crystal Chandelier Bedroom Light Vista 628 crystal empire chandelier and ceiling light in small studio apartment bedroom

Another aspect to look at is LED or regular light bulbs.  Is your preference to use halogen or standard incandescent light bulbs?   Do you lean to energy efficiency and simply want to swap out the regular light bulbs and use LED replacement bulbs?  If the chandelier has exposed bulbs, incandescent Edison socket or candelabra base bulbs allow the crystal to pop.  The choices of halogen or LED replacement bulbs are options for crystal chandeliers with shades or with multi crystal layers.  With the multi layer design the bulbs will not detract from the beauty of the light fixture.  Once again it depends on the overall look you wish to achieve.

The Last Word on Bedroom Crystal Chandeliers

Our ultimate crystal chandelier guide gives insight to the world of crystal lighting. To sum up, crystal chandelier bedroom lights are the icing on the cake.  Keep in mind the size, height, width and placement of the chandelier as it’s vital to the room decor.  Play with design ideas and let your imagination run wild.

FAQ for Crystal Chandelier Bedroom Light

Are the crystal bedroom lights dimmable?

Yes. All our crystal chandeliers use either GU10 base or incandescent candelabra and medium base bulbs. The chandeliers are LED replacement bulb compatible. Most LED bulbs are dimmable but check before purchasing them. We always recommend you hire a certified electrician to do your electrical work.

How much wire comes with a bedroom chandelier?

The chandeliers come with 6′ of wire and 30″ of chain. Our pendant chandeliers with the hanging rod system come with 36″ of rods. We offer customization options if the crystal chandelier needs to be longer.

Does the slope ceiling adaptor work on any slope ceiling?

Yes. The slope ceiling adaptor allows the the pendant chandelier to swivel and hang straight. The adaptor attaches easily to the one rod or two rod GLOW chandelier designs.

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  • Debbie McGee

    I have a crystal chandelier/fan in my bedroom. When I was using 25w incandescent bulbs, the colors in the crystals looked amazing. I currently have switched to 40w equivalent 2700k LED bulbs and it seems whitener than I expected and does not enhance the crystals. What do you suggest for me?

    • Gail Axelrod

      Hi Debbie
      Those LED bulbs are correct. 2700k is at the lowest end of the spectrum. I recommend that you use a dimmer switch that is for LED bulbs and that your bulbs are able to dim.

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