Crystal Chandelier Incandescent Light Bulbs

Today’s article is on incandescent light bulbs.  Our light bulb blog series started with an overview of crystal chandelier bulbs.  We then discussed LED replacement bulbs as well as halogen bulbs. There is a large segment of the population that has converted to LED’s.  However, there are many people that prefer incandescent lamping when it comes to crystal chandeliers.

What is an Incandescent Bulb?

An incandescent light bulb has a wire filament that when heated to a high temperature gives off light. An electric current runs through terminals in the glass. Of all the light bulb types, incandescent is the least energy efficient.  However, currently due to the low cost of the bulbs, they are commonly purchased.

Incandescent bulbs are still widely used for crystal chandeliers, other decorative light fixtures and lamps. Technically speaking halogen bulbs are incandescent and are a little more energy efficient than the regular bulbs.  That being said, due to the energy efficiency and government regulations, LED bulbs are replacing standard light bulbs.  Over time, incandescent bulbs will be totally phased out.

What are Chandelier Light Bulbs?

The most popular incandescent chandelier bulbs are the candelabra bases (CB) which are flame tip or torpedo shaped.  The other is a medium base (MB) or Edison light bulbs which are commonly used in lamps and light fixtures. These screw-in bulb types fit most common lamp sockets.

There are a few reasons that we still like incandescent bulbs in relationship to crystal light fixtures.  First of all, they are the least expensive bulb to buy.  Secondly, they don’t need time to heat up to reach the desired light output.  And lastly, they don’t stand out. The bulbs just look good!

Another reason they are ideal with crystal lighting is the light emitted.  Many people like frosted bulbs as they have less glare.  A frosted bulb is fine for a light fixture with shades.  However, a clear bulb plays off the crystal prisms giving a crystal chandelier more sparkle.  You want to see the entire fixture as one, not the bulbs.

The final reason is the look of the light bulb. When a light fixture has a shade or the bulbs are enclosed, the look of the bulb isn’t important.  However, if the bulbs are exposed, aesthetically a compact fluorescent or CFL light bulb with its corkscrew shape is unattractive. Furthermore, the unusual shape detracts from the look of the chandelier. The styling of LED replacement bulbs are improving, however, they too appear clunky.  A clear incandescent candelabra bulb blends with the crystal and doesn’t take away from the beauty of the light fixture.

Last Word on Incandescent

While incandescent bulbs are being taken over by the more energy efficient types of light bulbs, there is still a market for them.  The way they illuminate a crystal chandelier is simply dazzling. Read our post the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide for a road map to learn more about crystal lighting.

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