Crystal Lighting 101: Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Chandeliers

Cleaning your crystal chandelier

What makes a crystal chandelier the centerpiece of your room? It’s the brilliant sparkle of course. Regular maintenance of your chandelier will keep your crystal fixture sparkling. Cleaning your crystal chandelier need not be a frightening proposition; a quick flick with a feather duster in between cleanings will keep the dust off the crystal. We recommend cleaning your chandelier a few times a year with a homemade cost effective solution.

  • 1 part isopropyl alcohol
  • 4 parts distilled water

Pour the alcohol and distilled water into a clean spray bottle and gently mix. Make sure the fixture is turned off. Put towels or a drop cloth under the chandelier and saturate the crystal but be careful not to spray toward the light sockets or wires. Wipe off with a clean lint free cloth.To keep them looking their best, Crystal chandeliers that are in kitchens will need to be cleaned more frequently to remove the greasy buildup.

When you purchase your crystal chandelier it’s a good idea to keep the trimming instructions in a safe place for future reference as well as take a picture. We recommend that once a year the crystal should be removed and laid out in an orderly fashion and deep cleaned the old fashioned way. Gently place a few of the crystals in a sink of warm sudsy water, rinse and carefully dry with a clean lint free cloth. Carefully put the crystal back on the fixture.

Stand back and enjoy your gorgeous crystal chandelier!

What height to hang a dining room chandelier?

Soho shaded chandelier flush mount by GlOW Lighting

The general rule of thumb for hanging your chandelier is that the bottom of the fixture should be roughly 65” from the floor.  If the chandelier hangs too low you won’t be able to see your dining companions and if’s too high you lose the impact you are trying to create.

How do you know what size dining room chandelier to buy?

Generally speaking the diameter should be one half the size of the table. If the chandelier is too small it will look lost and not have the desired effect. I prefer to go bigger with a rectangular or oval shaped chandelier. Personally with a 72” table for example I would select a 44” so that my guests on either end of the table are not sitting in shadow.  There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting and hanging your crystal chandeliers as everyone’s eye is different. As long as every time you walk into your dining room you say wow.

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