Crystal Chandeliers-Modern Lighting Design

Before we discuss crystal chandeliers modern lighting design ideas, we need have to have a general understanding about modern and contemporary design.

What is Modern Lighting?

Modern lighting design ideas customized Midnight Pearl dark shell and crystal chandelier for Tamsin Design Group in modern dining room

Modern lighting design ideas customized Midnight Pearl dark shell and crystal chandelier for Tamsin Design Group in modern dining room

Are modern and contemporary the same?   No, they are two distinct styles.  Firstly, modern is a sleek, clean design with elegant simplicity.  It is form and function, which is a running theme on our blogs.  Modern is a mixture of early to mid-twentieth century styling and features a warm neutral color palette.

While the contemporary design has a similar clean feel, it’s not the same as modern.  The main difference is that contemporary is what is happening now.  It is current trends and popular designs. Contemporary is organic and minimalist with a mix of materials.  It can even be a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.

Over time, as things change, contemporary designs evolve and are no longer contemporary.  On the flip side, modern design styles are everlasting.

That being said, unless you are a design professional, most people use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably.  Modern design is a huge part of the 2019 contemporary design story.  Within modern design, there are so many lighting choices to discover. The key is to find the right fit for you.

Modern Crystal Chandelier Ideas

Most people want to show off their individual style.  They want to put their own stamp on the home. With that in mind, we have a variety of modern lighting ideas to share.

Modern chandeliers come in different styles and shapes.  They generally have polished chrome, metallic or glass frames.  The shapes include rectangular, square and drum.  Sleek single light pendants are ideal modern kitchen island lights. The trimming is as varied as the styling.

For example, some of the materials used are crystal, glass, beads or shell. The different trimmings play off of sleek simple polished chrome frames.  The key is the trimmings take center stage, while the frame completes the look.

For instance, a mother of pearl shell rectangular chandelier brings texture and warmth to space.   Furthermore, capiz seashells have a modern, organic twist when paired with simple chrome framework. On the other hand sleek rectangular cut crystals on a similar frame create a crisper streamlined look.

Crystal bubble pendants are the perfect choice for stark white walls. The raindrop effect of the smooth crystal beads carries forward the clean fresh modern approach. These pristine crystal beaded light fixtures are cool without being cold.  In addition, they add a special  element to a bathroom lighting design.

Another popular modern lighting design look is chandeliers with shades.  Again, the designs are drum, oval and rectangular with a multitude of designs and trimmings.  The simplicity of the shades and framework plays off the crystal, shell or beads.


To sum up, crystal chandelier modern lighting design ideas are as wide-ranging as the actual variety of lighting. Our blog on the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a road map to the various types of crystal chandeliers.  As long as you keep your vision in mind you won’t go wrong.  Love your chandelier, love your choice.

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