Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are a dazzling selection of modern and classic designs. The lights are trimmed with a wide assortment of crystal, glass, shells as well as faux pearl beads. ...Read More

The elegant sheer shaded styles are drum, oval and rectangular shapes. The crystal chandelier sizes range from mini and small chandeliers great for kitchen islands to large crystal chandeliers perfect for foyers and staircases. Crystal dining room chandeliers are also great as bedroom chandeliers and add interest to the room.

The faux pearl bead, as well as the smooth crystal beaded chandeliers add a modern flair. Capiz, oyster and Mother of Pearl shell trimmings are light and airy and have a more casual feel. The different trims are interesting choices for bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms as well as kitchen and dining areas.

The well loved traditional crystal chandeliers have beautiful crystal arms draped with faceted crystal. The classic basket style pendant chandelier is timeless elegance as well. Modern crystal chandeliers are available in a wide variety of trims, sizes and styles. From powder room to front hall, crystal chandeliers and hanging pendants make a statement.

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Crystal Foyer Chandeliers

The Glow Difference

Luminous Faux Pearl Beads, as well as the beaded chandeliers and pendants add a modern flair.  Coastal influenced Capiz, Oyster and Mother of Pearl shell trimmings are light and breezy setting a tranquil tone.  Pristine Glass Chandeliers range from architectural glass pear designs to streamlined rounded glass rods.