Our crystal flush mount lighting guide helps you in your quest for the perfect light fixture.  Just because you have low ceilings doesn’t mean you have to have boring light fixtures.  When light plays off a crystal ceiling light fixture it creates a stunning prismatic effect on the ceiling. 

What are Crystal Ceiling Light Fixtures?

Crystal Ceiling lights are fixtures that literally don’t hang down. As the name implies, a flush mount light is mounted flush to the ceiling. A semi-flush mounted light is a ceiling light as well.  However, it has a short stem or chain between the canopy and the frame. This allows the fixture to hang longer than a flush mount but shorter than a chandelier.  In short, if you pardon the pun, flush mount; semi-flush and recessed lights are all considered ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights with a low profile are perfect for spaces with lower ceilings.  Generally when people think of ceiling lights the old fashion dome or melon light comes to mind.  Now a days, there is so much more to flush mounted lighting designs.  The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

Just because you have low ceilings doesn’t mean you have to have boring light fixtures. Our blog Small Room Crystal Chandelier Ideas gives insight into lighting smaller spaces with lower ceilings. When light plays off a crystal flush mount it creates a stunning prismatic effect on the ceiling. Therefore bringing the eye up and creating interest and giving the illusion of height.

Flush and Semi-Flush Mount Sizing

Flush mounted crystal ceiling lights come in a range of sizes. They may be as small as 6” and go up over 42” in diameter.  Large foyer ceiling lights are up to 45” in diameter. Once again, this is where our article on How to Size a Chandelier is a useful read.  In general, you add together the width and length of the room and convert that number into inches. Just like with a hanging crystal chandelier, you don’t want to go too small or too large.  The scale of the flush mount and room are vital.  A flat ceiling is necessary for a flush mounted fixture to fit snugly when installed.

With a room that has 8 foot ceilings, height does matter. If for instance, you are hanging a crystal flush or semi flush mount over a table the longest strand should hang 30-36” over the table.  However, if the fixture is in a space where people can walk under it, the ceiling light shouldn’t hang lower than 7 1/2’ from the floor.

Remember people have to be able to walk freely under the fixture. If a crystal light fixture hangs too low not only can someone bang their head, but it detracts from beauty of the light fixture. Flush and semi-flush mount are the answer for rooms with lower ceilings.  

Our Crystal Flush Mount Lighting Guide and the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide are ideal sources for helping you navigate the world of crystal lighting. Crystal semi flush mount lights can create the same impact as does its hanging crystal chandelier counterpart. For that matter crystal ceiling lights make a statement in foyers and great rooms as well. It’s important to note that large drum shaded flush or semi flush lights help set the tone for the room decor.  Modern chandeliers for foyers run the gamut from lush ceiling huggers to breath taking dual mounted pendants.  

What are Dual Mount Lights?

A dual-mounted fixture is the best of both worlds. This type of fixture is designed to be installed as a flush mount, semi flush or pendant chandelier. The versatility makes a dual mounted frame ideal for a variety of applications.  For example, decide with your electrician if a dual mount rectangular flush mount ceiling light would be better suited to be installed as a semi-flush mount or vice versa. 

I always advise to have one person hold up the fixture to the ceiling before installing it. The other person should stand back and look at the overall height and width proportions.  Take the extra time to make sure the height is where you want it to be. It’s much easier to make the decisions at this stage rather than after it’s been installed.   Keep in mind, that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Crystal Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Now let’s talk about bathrooms. A crystal ceiling light is an ideal way to add bling to a bathroom.  A flush or semi-flush mount meets height restrictions over a bathtub while still making a dazzling impression. It is important to note that when someone stands in a tub, that they can’t touch any part of the crystal light fixture. A low profile crystal ceiling light is once again ideal for bathrooms with 8’ ceilings. Older homes generally have short ceilings so a classic style flush or semi-flush fit the bill. On the other hand square and round frames with a modern design are ideal options.

Crystal Bedroom Lights

Bedrooms and ceiling lights go together like cream and sugar. You can create a romantic, glamorous or sleek aura with bedroom lighting.  For example, a square flush mounted frame with sparkling crystal strands has a glamorous feel. By using the same frame shape and adding smooth crystal beads, you then create a sleek more modern vibe.  Ceiling light designs and choices are endless. Just remember to have your flush and semi flush light fixtures on a dimmer switch. Turn it up when you’re getting dressed and lower for a romantic atmosphere.

Customized Large Ceiling Lights

Custom designs can be made even larger than 42″wide. The width you choose depends on the size of the room. Where possible we can custom alter a large ceiling light or create a new design. In addition, we have the capacity to play around with different trimmings as well as the strand lengths. Large and even extra large ceiling lights can be trimmed with crystals, beads and last but not least capiz shells. All you need is a general idea; specifications and a budget and our Custom Design team will guide you. Read our article Large Scale Crystal Ceiling Light Designs to learn more.

Care for Your Ceiling Light

Just like crystal chandeliers, crystal ceiling lights need to be kept clean. Our post on How to Clean your Crystal Chandelier is filled with helpful tips. Regular dusting is the key to maintaining the sparkle. That being said, periodic washing of the crystal ceiling lights is a must.

Light bulbs are another component of great crystal ceiling light. A good quality light bulb brings out the best in crystal lighting.  Most of our modern crystal flush and semi flush mounts have a GU10 socket. A clear GU10 halogen bulb allows the crystal to pop. That being said for energy efficiency a GU10 base is available in LED. Our more traditional crystal ceiling lights use incandescent Edison (medium base) or chandelier (candelabra) base lamping.

In Summary

To sum up our crystal flush mount lighting guide will help you light up your space with sparkling style.

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