Custom Crystal Chandelier Lighting… The Glow Way

Custom Crystal Chandelier Lighting… The Glow Way

Customization options are what set GLOW apart. By starting with one of your many crystal chandelier designs as the canvas, your individual creativity comes into play with a wide variety of trimmings including: clear and color crystal; shell and crystal, faux pearl beads and smooth crystal beads. We also customize lengths to suit most design project requests. Our in house production team trims each individual fixture to order, thereby having the flexibility to create a truly unique crystal Chandelier.

Explore Custom Lighting Crystal Trim Options

GLOW® offers three choices of crystal trimmings to suit all budgets. Our crystal trim options include: Swarovski® ELEMENTS, Danube Collection and Signature Series crystals. Much like a fine diamond, the quality and cost of crystal trimmings are determined by a number of criteria:
• crystal optical purity
• number of facets
• quality of polishing
• type of cut,
• grade of crystal material,
• weight and size.

Explore Custom Color Lighting Crystal Trim Options

Most of our Custom crystal chandelier lighting is offered in more than one crystal trim option. Please refer to the product's specific page to determine available options.

Color crystal adds a unique spin to a crystal chandelier. Again we offer different grades of crystal.
Swarovski® ELEMENTS provides the ultimate in brilliance and creates a fascinating interplay of color. Every crystal is precision-cut with a guarantee of crystal purity. The laser-engraved trapeze found on each crystal is the indelible mark of crystal from Swarovski®. All fixtures trimmed with SwarovskI® ELEMENTS comes with a Made with Swarovski® ELEMENTS tag.

Lead Oxide has traditionally been considered the crucial component in crystal for its brilliance and highly intense color spectrum. GLOW® Danube Collection crystal, featuring more than 30% Lead Oxide, will provide a beautiful aesthetic and traditional quality at a truly exceptional value.
Signature Blends are crystal color palettes unique to GLOW Lighting. Our designer has created 6 color blends using a combination of Swarovski® ELEMENTS and Danube Collection 30% leaded crystal and intermixing different colorations that may be incorporated in many designs to create a truly original CUSTOM fixture.

We are pleased to work closely with the interior design/architectural trade on Custom Crystal Chandelier Lighting projects as well as lighting for residential; commercial; hospitality and healthcare spaces. Our creative team will work with you and advise you on how to Custom Crystal Chandelier to best suit the application.
Each custom fixture is assembled and inspected prior to shipping, and packed with care to ensure the high GLOW Lighting standard.

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