Custom Crystal Chandeliers

Credit: Regina Sturrock Designs - Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier By Glow Lighting

Custom Crystal Chandeliers In Interior Design Projects

We love to share ideas from our interior design partners. The icing on the cake for any Custom Design Project is the lighting. Be it hotel lighting, or restaurant lighting, sparkling crystal chandeliers are the eye candy. Be it one large crystal chandelier or multiples of crystal chandeliers as well as beaded or shell fixtures, lighting make a statement. Lighting for an interior design project may be custom crystal chandeliers or simply a chandelier that you love. Its all in the application. 

Custom Crystal Chandeliers For Dining Rooms

Everyone loves to personal their home be it working with an interior designer or on your own. What better way to show off your individuality than with a Customized Crystal Chandelier. There are many ways to put your stamp on the lighting décor such as adding color crystal elements. Another idea to consider is instead of hanging one large chandelier over a table, try using two smaller crystal chandeliers. From clean modern linear chandeliers to the traditional Maria Theresa style, the design choices are endless.

Credit: Dwayne Bergmann Interiors - Custom Crystal Chandelier Color Crystal by Glow Lighting

Credit: Dwayne Bergmann Interiors - Custom Color Crystal Mini Pendant by Glow Lighting

When it comes to the high ceilings found in many new construction homes, again there are options. For a dramatic statement, extend the length of the crystal stands. A large crystal flush mount trimmed with elongated strands of crystal beads or perhaps shell trimmings is sure to impress. Another idea is to add more hanging rod length to your fixture and create a clean modern look.

How To Define A Space With Custom Crystal Chandeliers 

With open concept living it’s great to be able to define spaces. That can be done with furniture placement, flooring and lighting design. For example mixing and matching elements such as Mother of Pearl mini chandeliers with beaded light fixtures allows the spaces to be cohesive but have a transition. Going for an unexpected touch such as the shell and crystal coastal pendants adds warmth and a touch of whimsy.

Lighting for an interior design project needn’t be a custom light fixture; it’s all in the application.  

Credit: Charles Neal Interiors - Crystal Rain Chandelier by Glow Lighting

Credit: Huntley Hotel Santa Monica - Crystal Rain by Glow Lighting

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