Our custom design crystal light fixtures are a big part of what we do and who we are.  Customization options are what set GLOW® apart.  Our custom department has many facets.  The first being custom alteration.  Next is the Form & Function modular system for custom chandeliers.  The third facet is custom production.  And last but not least is our wide array of large chandelier crystal light fixtures and extra large flush mount lighting.  Our blog post on the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide, is an ideal road map offering valuable information on crystal lighting.

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A selection of GLOW custom projects.

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Customize crystal chandeliers in a blink of an eye.  As the name implies, this gives us the ability to help you modify the trimming of a GLOW® crystal chandelier to your needs.  By using one of our many designs as the canvas we can help make a customize crystal chandelier  statement piece to suit your environment.  Most importantly, this is where your individual taste and style come into play. Our blog Ways to Customize Crystal Light Fixtures is a must read to understand the customization process and options.

How does it work?  Begin with one of our GLOW® light fixtures.  You then can customize it by simply having the strand length altered to fit your needs.  Always keep in mind the ceiling height and application for the chandelier or ceiling light.  The overall height makes a difference if the light is going over a table or if is free standing.  We can shorten or lengthen most crystal trim stands to order.

Crystal Trimming

Keep in mind, another custom alteration we offer, is selecting  different trimming to work with your decor and budget.   Of note, a large selection of our frames adapt to a variety of trimmings.  Our three crystal grades are designed to suit all budgets: ranging from GLOW® Signature Series to Danube Collection up to Swarovski® ELEMENTS.  Additionally, Danube Collection and Swarovski® ELEMENTS are available in a variety of crystal colors for a true custom look.

More Customized Trim Options

Perhaps you want to switch things up with glass shapes or smooth crystal or pearl like beads or a combination.  Many trims are available in different sizes and shapes and are suitable for a variety of our frames.  For a coastal chic look, a lot of the natural seashell options are interchangeable. The shells range from iridescent lustrous dark mother of pearl, to cream and beige toned oyster shell, and finally translucent white capiz.

Altering Large Chandeliers and Ceiling Lights

Once again it’s important to remember that our large chandelier crystal light fixtures may be customized with your choice of trimmings and lengths.  We will suggest tweaks to achieve the perfect grand foyer chandelier or extra large ceiling flush mount configured to suit your needs.

To sum up, our experienced team is always available to give advice and suggestions on alterations for the perfect custom design crystal light fixture.  Sometimes all it takes is a little alteration to transform a space from stunning into spectacular.  For a handy guide, download and save the brochure Customization the Glow Difference.


Selecting the right large chandelier in order to suit your lighting plan is always a major decision. It is your largest and most expensive lighting purchase.  The chandelier may be an elaborate grand crystal chandelier or perhaps a simple clean modern design.  The beauty of a larger scale chandelier is that it sets the feel of the space.  But, how do you get one that’s perfect for you is the question?

There are many factors to take into account when deciding on a large chandelier. For instance: room size, ceiling height; length and width of the room. The type of ceiling is important as well.  Is it sloped; flat or vaulted?  The final factor is what is the use and look you want to achieve.

It is important to note that large chandelier crystal light fixtures are ideal for residential as well as commercial and hospitality spaces.  For example, a crystal grand foyer chandelier sets the tone of home but is equally perfect as a hotel lobby crystal chandelier.  The beauty of our large chandeliers  is that they are suitable for a variety of applications. All it takes is a little customization to create your perfect design.

What is Customization?

Customizing a large chandelier is keeping the frame design intact, but making alterations to the fixture.  Because we trim each chandelier to order, we have the flexibility to make changes and adapt a large chandelier to suit your room size, needs and wants.  Where the frame design allows, the customized possibilities are endless. Furthermore, the selection of large chandeliers and foyer lighting suits all styles of decor.  Most importantly, large chandelier crystal light fixtures as well as our capiz and beaded designs are as simple or elaborate as you like.

Customization with Trimming Changes

In addition, our Custom department is able to add or shorten the crystal strand lengths. For example if you like the design of a modern rectangular chandelier but it’s too short, we can lengthen the strand to suit. Taking it a step further, if it is a shaded design, we would then add more shades to make the entire large chandelier the right proportions.

In many instances we are also able to substitute the type of crystal elements. If a chandelier has leaf shape accents but you prefer almonds, that change is customization. Depending on the style, replacing clear crystal with color crystal is also a customized option.

The beauty of customization is the ability to transform the look of a chandelier by simply changing the trimming. If a large chandelier is trimmed with capiz shell but you like dark mother of pearl, our Custom department will help with that request where possible. Want to add color crystal to a modern foyer chandelier?  That’s an ideal way to customize crystal chandeliers.

Other Ways to Customize a Large Crystal Chandelier

Another way to customize a large chandelier is to convert a large ceiling light into a hanging chandelier. We offer a canopy conversion that adapts many of our modern flush mount frames into a chain hung chandelier. Lastly, if you wanted additional rod lengths, the fixture would be rewired to accommodate.

To sum up, the selection of modern and traditional large chandeliers and foyer lighting suits all styles of decor.  Most importantly, large chandelier crystal light fixtures; wrought iron as well as our capiz and beaded designs are as simple or elaborate as you like. It’s all in the customization.  Download Grand Scale Classic Chandeliers & Close Ups brochure.


Large and extra large crystal ceiling lights are simply larger fixtures that are mounted close up to the ceiling.  Similar to their large chandelier counterparts, large ceiling lights are ideal for residential, commercial; hospitality and hotel spaces. The flush mounted lights are available in sizes up to 42″ in diameter.

Furthermore, large and extra large crystal ceiling lights come in an array of modern and traditional designs options and may be customized to suit your space.  Our post Crystal Flush Mount Lighting Guide is a good road map explaining about ceiling lights.

On one hand these impressive ceiling hugging lights are ideal for large rooms with lower ceilings.  On the other, the are perfect for those who want the grandeur of a large chandelier but prefer it mounted close to the ceiling.  In addition, the long and lean flush mounted foyer fixtures also makes a spectacular first impression.  They give the illusion of the trimming cascading down from the ceiling.

Customizing the Trim Design

Our close up ceiling light style choices are varied.  The selection ranges from sleek modern free form crystal beaded design styles up to classic cut crystal baskets.  Because our trimming department is on site, in many instances we are able to customize the trim design.

For example, a traditional 9 light crystal basket is 21″h but if you need it longer, no problem.  Simply give us the length needed and our designer will customize the crystal trim height to the specifications.  Furthermore, we make sure that all the proportions are correct and the fixture looks balanced.

Another way we are able to customize the trim design is by actually changing the crystal trimming.  If for example you love the fixture design but prefer a different crystal shape, again that’s not a problem.  Where the frame allows, we can customize the crystal, crystal beads and shells to suit.

Large Seashell Ceiling Light Fixtures

Our large ceiling light designs are wide ranging. While crystal is a big part of what we do, we have many other trimmings in our repertoire. When it comes to seashell ceiling lights GLOW is number one.  Our extra large flush mount lighting designs trimmed with capiz are statement pieces.  These light and airy flush mounted fixtures create a casual coastal aura.

Once again with our customization option, the shell trim can be easily interchanged to suit your decor.  Many different looks can be created with capiz, oyster and mother of pearl shell options.  To further customize the light fixture, color crystal elements can be added as well.

Flush Mounted Ceiling Lights Custom Production

When projects require an even larger ceiling than 42″ in width, our Custom department will work with you on the design. Simply provide us with design specifications and the budget and our Custom Production team will look at ways to fabricate a frame and the crystal trim pattern to suit. Download our brochure Grand Scale Contemporary Chandeliers & Close Ups.


We can design a unique custom made lighting piece with the Form & Function Modular Frame System.  The options are endless with the interconnecting rectangular and pie modular frame shapes. Our experienced design team will help you to create the ideal size and shape chandelier to fit your space.  From kitchen to dining room to hallways and anywhere in between, this customized system is the answer.  The creation of wave; oval; rectangular or long winding “S” shape chandeliers is sure to impress.

In addition, the versatility of the modular system makes it the ideal choice for awkward or unusual room layouts.  If the junction box isn’t centered, simply tell our custom lighting specialist.  Furthermore, the beauty of Form & Function is that it can be designed to look sleek and architectural as well as more ornate and classic.  We like to say, that with Form & Function, you can think outside the box. For a handy reference guide download Glow Customization Form & Function 800.

Once you have your frame shape and size figured out, then selecting the trim choice is the last step.  Our three crystal collections are designed to suit all budgets: ranging from GLOW® Signature Series to Danube Collection up to Swarovski® ELEMENTS. The many crystal designs include faceted balls as well as crystal strands anchored with assorted shaped crystals.  Please note Danube and Swarovski® ELEMENTS are available in a variety of colors options.

Our other trimming includes smooth crystal beads and balls for a clean modern take. Perhaps coastal chic is the look you prefer. From casual to dramatic, we have a wide assortment of shells to suit all decor styles.  For instance, iridescent lustrous dark mother of pear and opalescent cream toned oyster shell have a hint of drama.  While on the other hand, translucent white capiz shell has a light, casual coastal flair.


For those looking to create truly custom chandeliers, where possible our in house design team will work with you to alter and expand our own frames.  By adding more lights, tiers and other features we can develop a crystal chandelier into something entirely new and unique. Read our article What is Custom Lighting to learn the difference between custom and customization.


For instance, GLOW® custom design crystal light fixtures may be created by combining two chandeliers together to become a stunning two story foyer chandelier.  Another example would be making a crystal pendant chandelier wider. We would discuss the available options, budget and timeline.

Our Custom Production department will also help with projects that require extra large crystal ceiling lights and chandeliers. Once again we would work with you on the specifications and available options based on timeline and budget.

From GLOW® Signature Series to Danube Collection and Swarovski® ELEMENTS to our selection of glass, bead and shell trimmings, the custom options are endless.

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We love to help make your house into a home.  Our wide assortments of crystal lighting collections cover the spectrum from classic to modern to custom.  Our crystal lighting styles are beautiful, timeless designs.  We are known for our innovative crystal lighting as well as shell designs; custom and customization options. Our lighting products feature high quality workmanship as well as excellent value.   Learn More →