We are always asked if there is a particular style of dining room crystal chandeliers that suits all dining rooms?  The answer in a nutshell is no; the options are endless. Crystal light fixture designs are traditional, modern and transitional.  But selecting crystal chandeliers that are perfect for the space is not easy an easy choice.

It is important to keep in mind that the dining room chandelier creates the wow factor.  You want to pick a crystal fixture that suits your space, budget and lifestyle.  Remember, the crystal chandelier isn’t just the focal point of the room,  it’s the statement piece of the home.

 With that in mind, the style and type of crystal chandelier depends on the table, room size and ambience you want to achieve.  Most importantly, this is where your personal taste shines through.

The size and shape of the table are important factors in the decision making process.  For example, a modern linear crystal chandelier is ideal for a rectangular table.  On the other hand, another great option for that dining table is using two drum shade light fixtures. 

How to choose dining room chandeliers blog Duet 2 white drum shade crystal pendant chandeliers

How to choose dining room chandeliers blog. Duet 2 white drum shade crystal pendant chandeliers

That being said a traditional Maria Theresa crystal arm chandelier is multi-faceted and is ideal for a rectangular table as well. However that style is perfect for a round or oval table too.  As I said in my opening, the options are endless.

Our blog the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier guide gives a good overview on the types and styles of our chandeliers. That will certainly help in the decision making process when selecting crystal chandeliers. 

Room Size

Let’s begin with room size.  Most importantly, select a crystal chandelier, or any chandelier for that matter which neither overpowers nor looks lost in the space.  Additionally, the ceiling height must factor into the equation as well.  It doesn’t matter if the light fixture is modern, traditional or in between, size matters. Furthermore, depending on the ceiling the crystal light fixture may be a hanging pendant; flush mounted or a semi flush design.

It would be unfortunate to spend money on stunning crystal chandeliers for dining room lighting design and have them get lost in the shuffle.  To learn more about proper sizing refer to our blog for tips on How to Size a Chandelier.

Open Concept Spaces

If the main floor is open concept, then the dining room chandelier should tie in with the rest of the lighting to maintain a flow.  In addition, the chandelier and the other light fixtures can also define the spaces.  There should however be some common elements such as crystal trim, frame finish or shape to give a cohesive look.

Selecting dining room crystal chandeliers blog chateau wrought iron and crystal chandeliers Regina Sturrock Designs

Selecting dining room crystal chandeliers blog chateau wrought iron and crystal chandelier and pendants Regina Sturrock Designs

Selecting a Crystal Chandelier

Keep a mental list of questions you have to ask yourself before selecting a crystal chandelier.  What is the overall ambience you wish to achieve in the dining room?  Does your personal taste lean to traditional, modern or eclectic?  Is the look you are going for casual or formal?   Have you already picked out the dining room set?  If so what is the table design, style and shape?

There are two purposes of a dining room light. The main purpose of course is to create light. The other is to create the atmosphere.  Dining room crystal chandeliers may be as simple or ornate as you want.  You have to determine the look you want to portray. Do you want to be dramatic or understated? What is the story you are conveying? Selecting the right fixture is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner diva.

Classic Designs

Dining room crystal chandeliers Regina Sturrock Designs. Two Maria Theresa dining room chandeliers.

Dining room crystal chandeliers Regina Sturrock Designs. Two Maria Theresa dining room chandeliers.

Let’s look at a few different dining room lighting ideas.  Perhaps, your personal look is traditional.  Then, the Maria Theresa chandeliers are right up your alley.   Not to be forgotten are Wrought Iron and Crystal Chandeliers.  Both styles are elegant and formal with elaborate crystal trimmings.  Furthermore, these old world European-inspired chandeliers have either glass, metal or iron arms accentuated with dazzling crystal draping.

Such classics are ideal with a  formal wood or glass table and chair set.  Don’t forget the dining room walls.  Keep in mind that elegant sconces are a stunning complement by adding a layer of soft light.

The empire chandelier which pairs a crystal basket with either a metal or jeweled band is another classic.  The pendant chandeliers adapt to traditional, modern and transitional decor.  For a twist there are also contemporary elongated baskets with smooth crystal bead trims.  The crystal pendants are a perfect match for round tables.  Try a different take by hanging two hanging lights over a larger rectangular table.

Modern Design Styles

If your preference is clean lines but still want bling don’t despair.  Modern crystal dining room chandeliers come in four basic shapes: round, oval, rectangular and square.  Many designs come with sheer shades.

Selecting dining room crystal chandeliers blog with Timeless modern 3 tier crystal chandelier

Selecting dining room crystal chandeliers blog with Timeless modern 3 tier crystal chandelier over rectangular table

For an eclectic look, try pairing a modern crystal chandelier in a more traditional dining room.  For example, a rectangular pendant chandelier trimmed with rectangular shaped crystals is sleek and modern.  It plays off a traditional wood table instead of competing with it.  To complete the look, think about adding a rectangular shade. To learn what modern styling is, take a peek at our Modern Lighting blog.  Once again, look at the room size, table shape and dimensions as well as your personal taste and lifestyle. The goal is to create a cohesive room design.

To Conclude

Regardless of the style, the right light bulb will enhance the beauty and sparkle of a crystal dining room chandelier.  Our bulb blog series offer helpful insight.  In addition The Pros and Cons of Halogen Bulbs for Crystal Chandeliers article is especially helpful.

And finally, have your dining room chandelier on a dimmer.  There is nothing worse than having the light glaring in your eyes.  All eyes will be on your gorgeous crystal dining room chandelier. Remember, that the crystal dining room chandelier is the star of the show.

FAQ for Dining Room Crystal Chandeliers

Are Maria Theresa chandeliers only traditional?

Maria Theresa chandeliers can be trimmed with a variety of different crystals. Cut crystal balls and smooth crystal half pears (almond shape) and kites are modern versions. They blend a traditional frame with the different crystal for a modern look.

Can crystal dining room chandeliers be used in a bedroom?

The beauty of a crystal dining room chandelier is that it suits most spaces. Crystal chandeliers bring elegance and sparkle to a bedroom. Depending on the decor you can go modern, traditional or transitional.

Why is a dimmer switch important in a dining room?

With a dimmer you can control the level of light. For dining you want to create the proper atmosphere with lower lighting. A dimmer switch is an affordable and energy efficient accessory to adjust the light output of your crystal chandelier.

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