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Discover chandeliers from GLOW.  Our winning combination of innovative styling and quality makes our crystal chandeliers second to none.  A GLOW chandelier, will transform your dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room.


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Chandeliers are hanging light fixtures, which transforms the look of a room. The designs are modern, traditional or transitional.  In addition, they are made with a variety of different frame options.  For instance polished chrome is ideal for a contemporary look.  On the other hand, gold and wrought iron are popular choices for classic decor.

Furthermore, the chandeliers may hang from a chain or rods, depending on the design. Our goal is to offer a range of hanging options to suit your space and ceiling.

Pendant lights are theoretically not chandeliers as they generally only have one light.  However, most people do in fact refer to them as chandeliers.  For our purposes we use them interchangeably.  Lastly, pendants are suspended with chain, cord or rods.

Sure to suit a variety of room decor styles, our chandeliers are ideal for dining room lighting as well as kitchens and baths.  Keep in mind; they also are perfect for the bedroom and living room lighting plan.  Also of importance, modern hanging lights work in traditional rooms and vice versa.

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Crystal lighting are timeless dining room chandeliers. The most classic  style is with real candles or electric.  The candelabra is “a branched decorative lighting fixture that holds a number of bulbs or candles and is suspended from a ceiling.”

The GLOW candelabra collections are in fact the definitive crystal chandeliers.  Classic lighting is how we built our reputation as a leading quality crystal lighting manufacturer.

Most classic light fixtures are all crystal or have some crystal elements.  In the sunlight, the dazzling prisms refract the light creating a rainbow effect.  Our crystal chandeliers are seamless. The elegant dining room chandeliers are ideal bedroom lighting as well.

Keeping that in mind, the most common traditional styles are Maria Theresa and empire.  Traditionally, the Maria Theresa style has graceful crystal arms draped with sparkling faceted crystal.  Empire  style is a classic crystal basket pendant and is timeless as well.

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Wrought iron chandeliers give that old world feeling. The dazzling crystal trim is the perfect pairing. The frames may be simple iron or an intricate design. Regardless of the frame design, the crystal is the icing on the cake.

GLOW takes the classic iron chandeliers to the next level.  We have complete collections starting with small hallway size chandeliers up to grand foyer chandeliers.

The beauty of these classic fixtures is that they are timeless elegance.

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Modern light fixtures come in different styles and shapes. Our chandeliers have sleek chrome frames. The versatile dual mounted pendants are adaptable to a variety of room settings. While the styling has a contemporary flavor, our modern chandeliers stand the test of time .

In addition, discover chandeliers that include rectangular, square and drum designs. Our modern trimming is also varied, which gives many options to select from.  For example, some of the materials we use are crystal, glass and beads and shell. We are well known for our variety of options.

A popular modern look is our chandeliers with shades.  Again, the contemporary styles are drum, oval and rectangular with a multitude of designs, and trimmings.  In addition, the sheer shades are simple to install and remove.

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Rectangular pendant chandeliers are contemporary designs. Our sleek dual mounted chrome frames are easily converted from a pendant to a semi flush mount to a ceiling mounted fixture. What makes our rectangular chandeliers so unique, is the variety of trimmings.  We offer crystal, man made pearl-like beads and crystal beads. In addition, we also feature capiz, oyster and mother of pearl shell designs.

Furthermore, topping off many rectangular pendants are our sheer shades. The shimmery sheer shades are easy to take on and off.  Once again, we offer flexibility of design, as many rectangular chandelier styles are beautiful, with and without the shade. Therefore creating two different looks.

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Raising The Bar →

What are transitional chandeliers?  Our beaded chandeliers bridge the gap between traditional and modern.  For example, a classic frame style with contemporary crystal beaded trimming would be a transitional light fixture.

Furthermore, we only use  top quality smooth crystal beads.  The cascading beaded pendants easily adapt to modern and classic decor.  For example, our large selection of empire style beaded chandeliers, pair modern trimming with a traditional design. When it comes to beaded chandelier designs, GLOW has it covered.

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Drum chandeliers blend modern and classic elements.  The round pendants run the gambit from dazzling crystals to tropical capiz to sleek beads.  Furthermore, the wide array of pendant chandeliers include sheer drum shade styles.

Our drum chandeliers are ideal for any space in the house.  Additionally, the smaller ones are perfect for bedroom lighting.  On the other end, our large drum chandeliers make dining rooms dazzle.  Kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms are not forgotten. The depth of our drum pendant design choices is endless. The beauty of GLOW is that our chandeliers are not limited in either design or function.

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Light and Breezy Shell and Crystal Lighting →

Our capiz shell chandeliers are the upmost in coastal chic.  The oyster, mother of pearl and capiz creates a light and breezy feeling.  In addition, when it comes to shell chandeliers, we are the leaders in styling and options.

Our range of capiz lighting is extensive.  For instance, pendants, small chandeliers and rectangular pendant lights are only a few styles we offer.  Furthermore, the tropical shell lighting fixtures are  diverse and suitable for any space in the house.

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In conclusion with our innovative designs and quality, a GLOW chandelier is a winning combination.


We love to help make your house into a home.  Our wide assortments of crystal lighting collections cover the spectrum from classic to contemporary to custom.  Our crystal lighting styles are beautiful, timeless designs.  We are known for our innovative crystal lighting as well as shell designs, custom and customization options. Our lighting products feature high quality workmanship as well as excellent value. Learn More →