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Discover GLOW foyer lighting and turn your house into a home.  Our vast selection of entryway lighting covers the spectrum from grand crystal chandeliers to sleek modern beaded ceiling lights. A stunning entryway light welcomes you every time you step foot through the door.


What is foyer lighting? The answer is, twofold.  First, is that foyer lighting is an entryway light source.  Second, is the fixture sets the first impression of the home. Depending on the look you want, an entryway light fixture may be dramatic or understated.  Furthermore, they come in chandelier, pendant and flush mount designs.  Wall sconces and table lamps are a nice accent as well.

Modern, traditional, empire, drum and candelabra are just a few of our designs.  It’s important to know your space, your taste, your options and what you love.  Keep in mind, a grand foyer chandelier is an investment that will last for years.


Foyer chandeliers are the statement piece of the house.  To figure out the size you need, simply add the length and width of the foyer and convert into inches. That measurement then becomes the size of fixture you need. In addition, if your foyer has tall ceilings over 12 feet or is two-story, a long fixture is appropriate. The light should have visual interest to draw the eye.

The bottom crystal on a foyer chandelier should hang about 7 feet above the floor.  If there is a window over the doorway make sure the chandelier is visible from the outside.  In a large area, the addition of multiple shades or tiers helps fill the space and there won’t be a big void.

Keep in mind, the design and decor of the home.  For instance, a large formal entryway is the perfect spot for our grand crystal chandeliers.  Our wide array of elaborately trimmed candelabra arm or empire basket styles are statement pieces.

For more contemporary spaces, beaded and seashell designs are ideal. The lush seashells are  a casual coastal look.  On the other hand, smooth crystal beads create uptown chic.  Our modern crystal foyer designs include long and lean crystal flush mounted styles. What ever the style, our modern foyer lighting designs fit the bill.

Modern or traditional empire, drum and candelabra are just a few style options.  Keep in mind, a grand foyer chandelier is an investment that will last for years.

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Pendants are a great look. For example, a long pendant chandelier makes a foyer look taller. To figure out the size that is right for your space, again add the width and length of our room together and convert to inches. If your foyer is 12’w x 14’h, you will require a 26”w fixture.


The last type of foyer lighting is entryway ceiling lights.  The fixture is flush mounted to the ceiling so that is does not hang down like a chandelier.

The length is achieved with long strands of trimming and tiers.  Multiple drum shades also create the length needed for tall ceilings.  Long flush mounted ceiling lights are ideal for large spaces with flat ceilings.

If the foyer is wide but has low ceilings, a large flush mount light is the answer.  The choice of frame shape and color as well as trim will set the tone.  Even though the height of the fixture is low profile, the design needn’t be.

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Wall Sconces are the icing on the cake.  They are an ideal way to add subtle ambient light to a foyer.  To accentuate a door, wall sconces on either side are the ticket. Pairing the wall sconces with coordinating crystal chandeliers, creates a grand feeling.   Another interesting idea is to use the same wall lights throughout the hall way creating a continuous look.  The sconces warm up the entryway walls.

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To summarize, foyer lighting turns a house into a home. It welcomes you every time you walk into the house.


We love to help make your house into a home.  Our wide assortments of crystal lighting collections cover the spectrum from classic to contemporary to custom.  Our crystal lighting styles are beautiful, timeless designs.  We are known for our innovative crystal lighting as well as shell designs; custom and customization options. Our lighting products feature high quality workmanship as well as excellent value. Learn More →