Empire Crystal Chandelier Designs

The original empire crystal chandelier originated in Europe.  The ornate hanging crystal candelabra was  illuminated by candle light. These elaborate crystal chandeliers were lavishly trimmed with opulent trimmings and banding. The sizes ranged from small up to large empire chandelier designs.  These finely crafted crystal basket chandeliers were dramatic elegance.

Glow’s take on the empire crystal chandelier is to bring this classic design into the 21st century. Additionally, the crystal chandelier will be a meaningful centerpiece with today’s lifestyle and decor. Empire style semi flush mounts and ceiling lights round out the collections.

Furthermore, our Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a great tool giving more details about crystal chandeliers.  Keep in mind that a classic empire chandelier never goes out of style. The beauty of the basket design is timeless.

Is a Crystal Basket Chandelier Only for Formal Spaces?

Depending on the design, a crystal basket chandelier suits formal or casual dining rooms. When it comes to lighting fixtures, size matters.  The proper size of the crystal chandelier makes all the difference. However, when it comes to the actual sizing  an empire crystal chandelier is a little different than most chandeliers.  Because of the basket size and long neck you have some leeway. The important thing to keep in mind is proportions. Too big, the chandelier overtakes the space. On the other hand, too small and it looks lost.

A large empire chandelier is the ideal foyer lighting statement piece.  Regardless of the the type of decor the entryway is the  introduction to the home.  A big basket chandelier is also ideal for staircases and  great rooms with high ceilings.  Be it a classic or modern grand chandelier, the entry fixture begins your story.

Traditional Crystal Empire Chandeliers

Empire crystal chandelier dining room setting with Windsor Royale crystal pendant chandelier

Empire crystal chandelier dining room setting with Windsor Royale 551 crystal pendant chandelier

The crystal basket chandelier dazzles either with rectangular shaped prisms or sparkling strands of octagonal shaped crystals. Regardless of the trimming, the key elements of traditional empire chandeliers are the soft basket or bag; long crystal strand neck or tent and elaborate crystal.  Keeping with the original empire design some of the chandeliers have metal arms in either silver or gold. Lastly, the frame itself has either a crystal banding or an intricate design.

In the example shown, we have gone for a traditional vibe. The furnishings are classic and simple and are the backdrop. Therefore we could go all out with the light fixture. The exquisite empire chandelier is adorned with crystal banding accented with almond shape crystals. Hence, the breathtaking Windsor Royale pendant chandelier is the star of the show.

Modern Empire Style Chandeliers

Empire basket chandelier modern smooth crystal Summer Rain chandelier in master bathroom

Empire basket chandelier modern smooth crystal Summer Rain chandelier in master bathroom

We have kept in mind the intent of the empire style but have updated the look as well with crystals; smooth clear beads as well as faux pearl beaded trimmings. Additionally, the sleek chrome frames add clean modern styling while maintaining the empire shape. The intent is the same, while the update trimming and simple framework is the twist.

Basket style crystal chandeliers are the wow factor in a foyer or dining room.  That being said, the polished chrome frame paired with modern trimmings suits other spaces as well.  Our empire basket chandelier creations add that modern elegance factor to master bedrooms; baths and living rooms.

Don’t be afraid to combine traditional and contemporary design elements. For example, if the room is traditional, try a modern crystal empire chandelier. The key is that the shape and crystal trim are traditional but the polished chrome frame adds that contemporary element.

In the example above we have added a modern beaded empire crystal chandelier to a traditional bathroom. The pristine beaded trim and simple framework adds a modern flair while maintaining the empire styling.

Empire Style Ceiling Lights

Large empire chandelier and ceiling lights custom Windsor Royale 9 light crystal flush mount light.

Large empire chandelier and ceiling lights custom Windsor Royale 9 light crystal flush mount light.

Empire baskets are also found in ceiling light designs. Either traditional crystal or modern crystal and beaded flush mounts are ideal for spaces with low ceilings. The crystal ceiling lights suit hallways; bedrooms and half baths. The softness of the basket adds more dimension to the space.

In addition, our Custom department offers over sized empire style ceiling close-up options. These dramatic fixtures are as large as 44″ wide. They are a great alternative to a large empire chandelier for large rooms with lower ceilings.

How to Trim Your Crystal Empire Basket

Here are a few helpful tips on how to trim your empire chandelier. Read the instructions before you begin! The trimming takes some time and patience, but the end result is worth the effort.

Take out the Crystal Trimming & Frame Assembly Instruction Sheet

  • After electrician has installed the frame insure the clear bottom mounting disc is attached to the frame. The disc usually hangs by a small chain
  • Begin with the crystal strands labeled on the trimming instructions that will form the “bottom basket”
  • Secure the 1st crystal strand to the clear disc and follow pattern until all the strands have been attached. All the strands will be hanging down
  • Take 1 strand and attach it to the mounting hole on the frame, continue until all the crystal strands have been attached. This will form the basket shape. Make sure that the no hole has been missed.
  • To trim the top of the Empire basket start at the top band and attach all the strands. Don’t attach the crystal to the lower sets of holes until all the strands are hung. The end of these strands will be attached to the frame.

Your Empire basket is now trimmed and ready for you to enjoy!

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