The first impression of the home is made with an impressive entryway chandelier.  It is important to keep in mind the overall room decor.  Ideally, if you have large windows, the entryway light is harmonious with the outdoor surroundings. Our goal is to give you foyer chandelier ideas and much more too.  In order to make your decisons easier, we have included some basic guidelines for big chandeliers.  Whichever light fixture you choose, love it, and bask in the light. To gain more  insight, take a peak at our  Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide

What is Foyer Lighting?

Big chandelier Old World Iron 543 traditional wrought iron and crystal foyer chandelier in grand entryway

Big chandelier Old World Iron 543 traditional wrought iron and crystal foyer chandelier in grand entryway

Foyer lighting is the statement piece of the lighting of your home.  The design possibilities are endless.  For example, classic styles range from graceful crystal arm chandeliers to elegant crystal empire baskets. Additionally, large iron and crystal foyer chandeliers make a dazzling first impression.

Modern designs lean towards sleek beaded chandeliers.  In addition, flush mounted shaded entryway foyer fixtures add to the list of design choices. Our post Foyer Crystal Chandelier Hacks  gives more insight into the various options.

Keep in mind that there is a the wide range of trimming options available, such as shell, beads and crystal. The main question you have to ask yourself what is the effect do I want to create?  What is my design style?  It’s important to discover your lighting style.

Foyer Lighting not Just for Entryways

Foyer chandelier ideas and more blog 2 large English Manor crystal chandeliers

Decorative lighting should have a sense of purpose and style.   Also, it should create a impact be it dramatic or understated.   Large chandeliers aren’t just for entryways.   For example, some other foyer chandelier ideas are to  choose a big fixture  to take full use of tall ceiling heights in great rooms and dining rooms. Lastly, they are ideal for hotels and apartment lobbies.

Let’s look at some design options. One is to fill the space with a large chandelier with proportions that are wide and short.  That is perfect for a room that is large but with lower ceilings.  Alternatively, for areas with taller ceiling you can select a light that is long and lean.  In this instance ,the light fixture should be centered in front of a fireplace, soaring windows or a table.  Another idea is to use two large chandeliers, as we did in the above image. Keep in mind, you want to fill the space but not overwhelm it.

Whether the ceiling is 8′ or 20′ high, crystal chandelier LED bulbs are a great option. The LED bulbs are long lasting and give good light output.

Modern Foyer Lighting Ideas

Large chandeliers. Customized Crystal Rain ceiling light with 3 black drum shades and added crystal length for Michigan Chandelier

If the ceiling is flat, then a modern long glass beaded ceiling mounted light with shades is impressive.  Vaulted ceilings on the other hand require a chain hung light.  Perhaps your room decor would be better suited to a capiz shell chandelier.  The lush shell creates a casual coastal aura.  In addition, another chic design choice is hanging multiple light fixtures rather than a single large chandelier.

Another interesting thought is pairing rectangular shaped crystals on a rectangular dual mounted framed topped off with rectangular shades. This long and lean modern look is cool, modern and fresh.  Another look is adding crystal strand length and drum shades to a ceiling light and creating a foyer crystal chandelier.  The example above shows just that altering the Crystal Rain ceiling light and adding drum shades.  Our Customization options are ideal when it comes to different foyer chandelier ideas.

The facts About Chandelier Height and Width

Foyer Chandelier Ideas customized Silhouette foyer chandelier with 2 black drum shades for Regina Sturrock Design

Foyer Chandelier Ideas customized Silhouette foyer chandelier for Regina Sturrock Design

Foyer lighting can be tricky. The trend for new homes is soaring ceilings.  The chandelier should make the room feel grounded.   The key is to use the ceiling height to your advantage.

Here’s what you need to know about how to size the chandelier.  First, a tall person must be able to walk under the fixture without bumping his or her head.   Keep in mind there should be a minimum of 7’ from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier.   For instance, a 12’ ceiling would need a light fixture with an overall height including chain and canopy of 36”.

Next is the proper foyer chandelier width.  That’s easy to calculate.  Simply add the width and length of the space and convert to inches.  For example: if your foyer is 12’w x 14’h, you will require a 26”w fixture.

Chandeliers for lower ceiling entryways should hang down no more than 28”.   A flush or semi flush mount ceiling light is a great option.  The lower profile gives the space the illusion of height.

For a two-story foyer, keep in mind that the chandelier needs visual interest.  Light fixtures with shades, multi-tiers or an eye-catching crystal design are great solutions.  With stairs, an important note is the bottom of the chandelier shouldn’t sit below the second floor.

In Conclusion Foyer Chandelier Ideas

Our goal is to give you foyer chandelier ideas and guidelines.  Hopefully, we have helped you on the road to selecting perfect chandelier.



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