What are grand crystal chandeliers? Simply speaking, they are traditional foyer crystal chandeliers.  A large crystal fixture is an investment and will be enjoyed for many years. For the most part traditional foyer chandeliers have elaborate crystal trimming with crystal or iron framework. In addition, these large fixtures are perfect as high ceiling lighting for great rooms. Keep in mind, long and lean elegant staircase crystal chandeliers bring the grand, to grand staircases. Finally, the beauty of grand chandeliers is that they set the tone of your house.

Large Entryway Chandelier Styles

Large entryway or foyer chandeliers come in a variety of styles; shapes and sizes. When many people hear traditional crystal chandeliers, grandma’s dining room chandelier comes to mind. They are correct when it comes to the actual crystal pendalogue shapes.  For example they think of leaf shapes; almonds and tear drops.  But there is so much more to grand crystal chandeliers.  Imagine a combination of all these prisms with elegant crystal draping and swags on a large scale chandelier. Read our entire foyer chandelier series for tips and ideas.

The actual styling is foyer chandelier designs are wide ranging.   For instance, empire style traditional entryway chandeliers with dazzling crystal baskets and jeweled banding are classic without being stuffy. These basket styles have gold or silver frames, playing off the crystal. The beauty of these large chandeliers is that they are ideal for foyers; grand staircases as well as more formal great rooms. Our blog Empire Crystal Chandelier Designs goes into more detail about the style.

Large Wrought Iron and Crystal Chandeliers

Traditional foyer crystal chandeliers large iron and crystal English Manor chandeliers in great room

Traditional foyer crystal chandeliers large iron and crystal English Manor chandeliers in great room

Another example, of traditional grand foyer lighting are the spectacular iron and crystal designs. Wrought iron frames may be simple or intricate.  Elegant crystal prisms are the wow factor.  Elaborate swags and long crystal strings anchored with the prisms take center stage. These grand crystal chandeliers are as large as 50″ wide and 84″ high. That being said, our Custom department can alter the crystal strand length to suit. 

Iron crystal dining room light fixtures are ideal in open concept spaces to complement wrought iron traditional foyer crystal chandeliers. The large scale iron and crystal chandeliers are perfect for vaulted or soaring slope ceilings too. Our article Iron Crystal Chandeliers for Today  goes into more depth.

Maria Theresa Foyer Chandeliers

Staircase crystal chandeliers. Customized Dynasty foyer chandelier with elaborate crystal trimming.

The final style I am discussing are the graceful Maria Theresa crystal arm designs. The entryway is the introduction to your home and sets the tone. The stately European influenced grand foyer chandeliers are perfect for formal spaces.  In addition, the long and narrow styles are dazzling staircase crystal chandeliers add light and dramatic flair.

To Sum Up

Regardless if your style is modern or traditional, our post the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a good starting point in your foyer lighting search. A grand crystal chandelier is an investment piece and will be loved forever. Think of it as a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation.


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