How to Buy Crystal Chandelier Bulbs

Not sure what type of bulb to use in your fixture?  The big decision: LED versus halogen GU10 base or incandescent versus compact fluorescent. There are so many choices when it comes to selecting the proper crystal chandelier light bulb. We will discuss how to buy crystal chandelier  bulbs.

With a variety of light bulbs available to choose from these days,  it can be rather confusing. Is energy efficient the best choice? What is an LED replacement bulb? What is a watt versus a lumen? What is the difference between a daylight bulb and a bright light bulb? How do I know if I should use an LED, halogen, incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb? The list of questions can go on forever.  Lastly, learn about our crystal chandeliers and the impact the right bulb has on them.

Our chandelier bulbs blog series will give you the pros and cons of the various types of bulbs. Furthermore, we will explain how to choose the right one to make your crystal chandelier dazzle.

Today’s blog is a general information blog.  We are briefly highlighting the basic type of bulbs that are suitable for crystal chandeliers, ceiling lights and wall sconces.  Refer to our article the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide for more information about crystal lighting.


There are a lot of different light bulbs. Choosing the correct lighting will affect the atmosphere and ambience of a room. Selecting the right light bulb for your fixture is the best way to achieve the desired effect of your room.  Again, it’s form and function. What are the needs of the space? What will give my crystal chandelier brilliance?

Depending on the style, our tradition style chandeliers, wall sconces and ceiling lights use incandescent chandelier bulbs or medium base. The majority of our fixtures are LED replacement bulb compatible.


Incandescent bulbs are the typical chandelier or candelabra bulbs, standard bulbs and flood lamps. When the wire filament is heated, then the light is emitted. The bulbs have a screw in base.  Although these bulbs are the least energy efficient, that does not say they don’t have a place in your decision making. Incandescent bulbs have always been the most common household bulbs.

Additionally, incandescent bulbs are available in clear or frosted.   I always recommend a good quality clear bulb as it allows the crystal to pop.


Halogen bulbs are technically incandescent bulbs, but are more energy efficient and last longer. A halogen bulb has a glass envelope with gas inside the envelope. As skin oils can cause a halogen bulb to burn out, the glass portion of the glass shouldn’t be touched with a bare hand.

Clear halogen bulbs are the perfect choice for our modern crystal chandeliers and ceiling lights. The 50 watt clear bulbs play up the brilliance of the trimming. Our modern fixture socket bases are GU10 base, so the halogen bulb would be a 50 watt GU10 in clear.


Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL bulbs) use less energy than incandescent bulbs and produce less heat.  However, they are not as energy efficient than LED.  Furthermore, they are spiral shaped and bulky looking. CFL bulbs are primarily for light fixtures that are shaded or covered.


Lastly, are LED replacement bulbs. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient but also cost the most.  The key is that you select a comparable LED bulb. Our modern crystal chandeliers have a GU10 base.  Therefore, an LED GU10 is the retrofit energy-saving alternative for halogen light fixtures. On the other hand, candelabra base LED bulbs adapt to most traditional style crystal chandeliers and ceiling lights.  Knowing how to buy crystal chandelier LED bulbs for your fixture is key.


To sum up, there are many light bulbs to choose from. Our How to Buy Crystal Chandelier bulbs and the type of light bulbs series will help you make an informed choice.

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