How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

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How to clean your crystal chandelier
How To Clean Your Crystal Chandelier....So Easy. 

A stunning crystal chandelier is a joy to behold. There is nothing more beautiful than the brilliant sparkle of crystal. By taking proper care for your crystal chandelier it will dazzle you forever.

After you install and trim all the crystal on your light fixture it’s a good idea to keep the trimming instructions in a safe place for future reference. After your chandelier is trimmed we suggest taking a picture of your chandelier so you remember the completed look.

Cleaning your crystal chandelier need not be a frightening proposition.  Regular dusting with a feather duster in between cleanings is always a good idea. Also, don’t forget to wipe the light bulbs at the same time.

We recommend cleaning your chandelier, with a cost effective homemade solution a few times a year or more often if necessary. Pour 1 part isopropyl alcohol and 4 parts distilled water into a clean spray bottle and gently mix. Make sure your light fixture is turned off. Put towels or a drop cloth under the chandelier and saturate the crystal. Be careful not to spray toward the light sockets or wires, since it could damage your fixture. Wipe off the solution with a clean lint free cloth.

How To Clean Your Crystal Chandelier
How To Clean Your Crystal Chandelier To Keep It Sparkling 

Most of all it's important to remember that crystal chandeliers and mini chandeliers that are in kitchens will need to be cleaned more frequently to remove the greasy buildup.

We recommend that once a year your crystal should be deep cleaned the old fashion way. All the crystal should be removed from your light fixture and laid out in an orderly fashion. Gently place a few of the crystals in a sink or pail of warm sudsy water, rinse, and finally dry with a clean lint-free cloth. Carefully put the crystal back on the fixture and follow your trimming instructions. Hopefully, your fixture looks like the picture you took.

Finally, you're done. Stand back and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your dazzling crystal chandelier.


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