How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

We have two methods  on how to clean a crystal chandelier and keep it sparkling.  One is a quick and simple solution while the other is more labor intensive but key to keeping your chandelier sparkling clean. Keep in mind the reasons why are we attracted to a crystal chandelier.  What is it that makes a dazzling light fixture the focal point of your foyer; dining room, powder room or master bedroom?  The answer is the brilliance of course. Our post Iron Crystal Chandeliers for Today gives insight into classic crystal chandeliers. 

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier large crystal ceiling light Divine Ice for Charles Neal Interiors

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier extra large crystal ceiling light customized length for Charles Neal Interiors


Regardless of the method you use, when it comes to cleaning a chandelier or small or large ceiling light, preparation is the key factor.   A great lighting hack is after you purchase your crystal chandelier keep the trimming instructions in a safe place for future reference.   In addition, we also recommend you take a picture of the trimmed fixture and attach it to the instructions.  When you have to reassemble the crystals, you’ll be happy to have the pictures!

Another quick tip is weekly dusting with a feather duster or microfiber cloth. That will keep the crystal nice and clean. Keep in mind that dust particles dull the crystal.  At the same, don’t forget to wipe the dust off the light bulbs. With that in mind, our blog series on selecting the light bulbs are valuable reads when selecting the bulbs.

Yet another quick tip: don’t use an abrasive cleaner or cloths that will scratch the crystals.  Furthermore, use a cloth that is clean and lint free.  A microfiber or a chamois cloth is a good option.

Easiest Way to Clean Crystal Chandeliers

Spraying your chandelier every few months or more often if necessary, removes surface film and dirt off the crystal. This is the easiest way to clean crystal chandeliers.  Below is our homemade inexpensive spray cleaning solution.


  • 1 part isopropyl alcohol
  • 4 parts distilled water


The following instructions explain the best way to clean crystal chandeliers.  Make sure the power to the fixture is turned off before cleaning your crystal chandelier.  Simply pour the alcohol and distilled water into a clean spray bottle and shake well.

Next, put towels or a drop cloth under the chandelier.  Saturate the crystal but be careful not to spray toward the light sockets or wires.  Finally, carefully wipe off the solution with a clean, dry lint free cloth.

Please note crystal chandeliers that are in kitchens will need to be cleaned more frequently to remove the greasy buildup. Last but not least, regular maintenance will keep your crystal fixture sparkling forever.


Many people dread cleaning their crystal light fixtures.  However, this task must be tackled. The best way to clean your crystal chandeliers is with a little elbow grease. We recommend that once a year the crystal should be deep cleaned.  Furthermore for this method, all the crystals and bobeches (dishes) must be removed from the chandelier.  

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier blog bobeches and crystals

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier blog showing bobeches, crystals and candle sleeves on Old World Iron frame

Lay the crystals out in an orderly fashion and wash them the old fashioned way.  Gently place a few of the crystals or crystal strands in a bucket of warm sudsy clean water, rinse and dry with a clean lint free cloth. For chandeliers with bobeches carefully place the glass dishes with the crystal elements attached in the sudsy water. Rinse and then wipe dry. We don’t recommend putting the crystal pieces in the dishwasher.

Since you are already removing all the trimmings, this is the perfect opportunity to do a maintenance check. Make sure that there are no burned out light bulbs. Then, examine the crystals for chips and ensure the pins are shut tightly. Carefully put the crystal back on the fixture.  At this point, refer back to the trimming instructions and picture.

Looking after your prized possessions not only refreshes them but allows them to last forever. A great complement to our blog is this article form Porch


To sum up, by following our directions your chandelier will look like new.  The work is done, now stand back and enjoy your gorgeous crystal chandelier!   Last but not least, our blog the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a great read giving valuable information on crystal lighting.

FAQ on Cleaning Crystal Chandeliers

Why does my crystal look cloudy?

Kitchen grease and dust can give your crystal a cloudy appearance. By cleaning the crystal with the alcohol and distilled water solution or sudsy water, the crystal will sparkle again.

If I spray my chandelier with the solution will it damage the frame?

No. The isopropyl alcohol and distilled water solution will not pit the frame. However, try to spray only the crystal. Make sure to turn the power off and not soak the sockets.

Why do I have water spots on my crystal chandelier?

A common cause of water spots is from hard water. Simply spray with the alcohol and distilled water solution and carefully wipe with a clean lint free cloth. Make sure the crystal is well dried.

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  • Shaylee Packer

    As you mentioned, it is a good idea to keep the trimming instructions as well as taking pictures of what everything is supposed to look like. I can see how this would be a good idea, as it would be unfortunate if you weren’t able to put it back together after cleaning. My sister is thinking about buying a chandelier for her front entryway. I will have to share this article with her so she can reference it.

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    Thank you for the sharing. Crystal is a beautiful substance and adds an air of elegance to your home when on display. However, it does attract dust, and cleaning crystal glasses, bowls, or vases after a dinner party can seem like a tedious chore.

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