How To Select The Right Size Crystal Chandelier

How To Select The Right Size Crystal Chandelier

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How To Select The Right Size Crystal Chandelier FAQs

Many people are unsure what size crystal chandelier or pendant works for their space. The common questions are:
• What size chandelier is needed to make the dining table perfect?
• How many mini pendants or chandeliers are needed over the kitchen island?
• What size and height chandelier is needed for a foyer, small entryway or two story foyer?

What Size Fixture Is Needed To Make The Dining Table Perfect?

Generally speaking the diameter of the light fixture for a dining room should be half the size of the table. If the chandelier is too small it will look lost and will not have the desired effect. I prefer to go bigger when selecting a fixture be it round, rectangular or oval shaped. Personally with a 72” table for example I would select a 44”w shaded rectangular chandelier so that my guests on either end of the table are not sitting in shadow. Chandeliers should hang between 32”-34” above the table.
For other spaces such as a living room or bedroom, the rule of thumb is to add together the length and width of the room. You will then get the proper diameter of the fixture. For example if your room is 18’ long and the width is 20’ you would roughly need a 38” diameter fixture.

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How Many Mini Pendants Or Chandeliers Are Needed Over The Kitchen Island?

When it comes to kitchen island lighting it depends on the size of the island: is it small, medium or large. Will there be other types of light such as recessed lighting? Does the kitchen get a lot of natural light? An island workspace requires good lighting. Always keep in mind your needs and the look you want to achieve.
• A small island usually 5’ requires 2 mini pendants
• A medium island 5’-8’ requires 2 larger pendants or 3 mini pendants
• A large island 8’+ requires 1 large chandelier or 2 larger mini chandeliers or 3 mini pendants
• An oversized island 10’+ requires 2 larger chandeliers

What Size And Height Chandelier Is Needed For A Foyer, Small Entryway Or Two Story Foyer?

Foyer Chandeliers are always tricky. Keep in mind that you need enough distance from the bottom of the fixture for a tall person to walk under. There should be 7’ from the floor to the bottom of the crystal foyer chandelier. A 12’ ceiling would need a light fixture with an overall height including chain and canopy of 36”.
The width you would need is once again measured by adding together the length and width of the room. For example, a foyer that is 12’ long x 12’ wide would need a 24”wide fixture.
For a two story foyer, the chandelier needs visual interest either with shades, multi-tiers or an eye-catching crystal design.
Hopefully, our guidelines will help you pick the perfect lighting for your space.

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