How to Update a Chandelier with Shades is as easy as A,B,C.  We can help you transform a tired light fixture into Custom crystal chandelier. It’s Sheer Magic.

How To Update a Chandelier with Shades Explained

The Sheer Magic system is an inexpensive way to bring new life to your crystal chandelier. The two part system includes a drum shade and chandelier shade hanging attachment.  The adaptor allows you to easily add a shimmery sheer shade to most traditional hanging lights and foyer chandeliers. The shade accessory was specifically designed to work hand in hand with Glow®Lighting sheer drum shades.  Please read our blog post on the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide to learn more about our crystal lighting.

Additionally, the Clip & Slide SH001 chandelier shade attachment is available in a wide variety of metal finishes, to coordinate with your chandelier’s color finish.

Is the Sheer Magic System Easy to Install?

Best of all, your light fixture doesn’t need to be removed from the ceiling.  Furthermore, the patented shade accessory is simple to install, with easy to follow instructions.  Likewise, the play by play video makes it even easier.

In addition this can be a diy project, as no electrician is required.  For the installation, you only need a ladder.  Just attach the Clip & Slide to your chandelier, and then slip on the Glow® Lighting drum shade.  Additionally, the shade is simple to remove when you clean your crystal chandelier.

What about Ceiling Lights?

As a matter of fact, ceiling lights can get a fresh look too. How to update your chandelier with shades goes for flush mounts too. While the process is different, the end result is the same. The Clip & Slide SH003 ceiling light shade attachment is an easy way to add our drum shade to a modern Glow® Lighting flush mount.  And voila, you have instantly changed the look.

Furthermore, the beauty of the adaptor is the flush mount light is not taken down from the ceiling. Simply attach the Clip & Slide, and then screw on the drum shade.

More About Our Shades

Glow® Lighting sheer drum shades are specially made to go with the Sheer Magic system. The elegant double-lined organza drum shades start at 15”widths.  For a dramatic statement, custom drum shades are available up a width of 45”.  Our  sheer shades are designed to fit Glow® Lighting chandeliers and ceiling lights. Learn all about our crystal lighting.

Furthermore, by recycling your tired chandelier and giving it new life, you are also environmentally friendly.

To Sum Up

By showing you how to update a chandelier with shades, the transformation is quick and easy.  To sum up, once the Clip & Slide is attached and the shade is secured, we call that Sheer Magic.

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