Indoor Wall Light Designs

Our goal is for this blog to help you in your search for the perfect indoor wall light.  We will illustrate the different types of decorative sconces. We highlight the styles, designs and uses. We also show how they are ideal as a wall feature in a variety of spaces as well.

In addition, we discuss bathroom wall lighting.  For example, we explain the different bathroom sconce lights including shell; beaded and crystal vanity lights.

This article will help you find the ideal indoor wall light for your bathroom; dining room or living room.

Types of Wall Lighting

Bathroom wall lights spa bathroom room setting Divine Ice crystal sconces

Decorative wall sconces may be hard wired, candle lit, battery or plug in. Just like ceiling lights and chandeliers are wired to the ceiling, our sconces are to be directly wired to the wall. For hard wired sconces, there has to be a junction box in the wall for the sconces to work. The wall light is easy to turn on, off and dim with a convenient wall light switch.

What are the different types of indoor wall light styles? There are vanity lights; up-lights; down-lights, swing arms and decorative sconces and picture lights.

Today, we will be discussing vanity lighting and decorative wall sconces for living rooms; bedrooms and dining rooms,

Crystal Vanity Lights

Our bathroom sconce lights come in a variety of sizes; shapes and designs. Vanity lights are mounted over the bathroom vanity mirror. Not only does the light provide necessary ambient light as well as serving as a decorative feature.

First of all measure the vanity as well as ceiling height.  To briefly recap our Crystal Chandelier Bathroom Lighting blog, when selecting the perfect vanity light, the fixture shouldn’t be wider than the vanity top. Another thing to keep in mind is the height and width of the mirror. Lastly, be mindful of the junction box placement.  It’s important that the vanity light back plate covers the junction box.

Vanity Light Sizes

Bathroom sconce lights spa bathroom room setting 3 light Cityscape capiz shell vanity light

Bathroom sconce lights spa bathroom room setting 3 light Cityscape capiz shell vanity light

Most crystal vanity lights come in different sizes. They come in 2; 3 and 4 light options. The sizes range from 10”-36” in width. Once again, it all depends on the vanity and room size.

The over the counter vanity light may be a bar with decorative crystal trimming covering each light bulb separately. The other option is where the bulbs are enclosed with the crystal trim completely covering the frame.

Other Bathroom Wall Light Ideas

Over the vanity lighting is not your only bathroom lighting idea. If space allows, wall sconces flanking the sink is a perfect option. The proper measurement is very important.  Crystal bathroom sconces add a decorative element to master bath or powder room. The bathroom wall lights once again come in different size options. They range from a petite single light style all the way up to a dramatic 8 light vertical design.

Dining Room Wall Lights

Indoor wall light coastal dining room setting Ensconced capiz sconce and Surfside capiz chandelier for Jodi O’ Designs

As well as illuminating the wall, dining room wall lights complete the room design. Our decorative wall sconces cover the spectrum from old world inspired chandelier sconces to modern crystal; shell and beaded looks. The beauty of the indoor wall lights is they can be from the same family as your dining chandelier, or decide on an eclectic look. Keep in mind that the sconces should tie into the room decor.

For example, Jodi O’Connor of Jodi O’ Designs created a coastal chic dining room. She choose our Surfside rectangular dining room chandelier trimmed with white capiz shell. She then used the same capiz shell trim but teemed it up with  horseshoe shaped Ensconced wall sconces. The  translucent white shell completed this elegant airy beach house design. Read our post Capiz Chandelier Beach Decor Ideas to create your beach house chic look.

Decorative Living Room Sconces

Indoor Wall Light Designs Blog Cityscape crystal beaded sconces in living room setting

Regardless if your living room; family room or great room is formal or casual, wall lights create ambiance.  They can flank a fireplace or simply be illuminating art. Depending on the ceiling height and room size, a decorative wall light can be as short as 7″ in height or as long as 38″.

Furthermore a living room sconce can be a horizontal or vertical design. The modern or traditional designs suit a wide range of decor styles.  Lastly, the trimming are varied as well, ranging from shells to beads to crystal.

In this airy living room, the Cityscape smooth single light crystal beaded wall sconces anchor the high feature fireplace wall. The modern crystal beaded wall fixtures plays off the mix of wood; neutral fabrics; leather and natural light and defines the space.

Last Word

We hope the information in this blog helps you in your search for the perfect indoor wall light. Decorative wall sconces dress up a  wall. They add light as well as texture and warmth to the room. Furthermore,  they become an important feature of the room design.

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