Inspiring Crystal Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

Inspiring bedroom chandelier ideas range from modern crystal chandeliers to classic empire chandeliers. The right bedroom chandelier size and style is key.  Be it crystal, capiz shell or beads and balls, bedroom lighting sets the tone of the room. There is nothing that says sophistication like a stunning chandelier.  Now, let’s get inspired.

Master Bedroom Lighting

Inspiring crystal bedroom chandelier ideas Cityscape 598PC dark shell ceiling light

Inspiring crystal bedroom chandelier ideas Cityscape 598PC dark shell ceiling light

When selecting a master bedroom light fixture, think of the space  as the canvas of a painting. The chandelier is the paint. The beauty of a crystal chandelier is its ability to fit in with any type of decor. However, the style should reflect you, your personality as well as lifestyle.  Do you lean to the classics or are modern lighting designs more your speed? Are you simple and like clean lines or are you drawn to opulence?  Or perhaps coastal look with capiz or dark mother of pearl shell and crystal is more your vibe?

Think about the ambiance you want to achieve.  If it is soft and romantic, then an elegant crystal chandelier is the answer.  For example, an empire style crystal chandelier  or a Maria Theresa creates old world charm.  Or perhaps your look is more contemporary and edgy and you like architectural glass and chrome fixture. There are so many bedroom chandelier ideas for you to explore.  Be open to new ideas, it could surprise you.

Look at styles and designs you may have never considered.  Adding a drum shade to a chandelier or ceiling light is a great option. A sheer shade crystal or sea shell chandelier adds a layer of texture to a space. Mixing and matching modern and traditional elements is a way to add an eclectic and interesting feel to a master bedroom.

Bedroom Chandelier Size & Height

Regardless of the style, a bedroom chandelier should generally hang 7 feet above the floor. If you are placing it over a bed, then you can lower it slightly.  Remember you don’t want to obstruct the TV or bump your head.  Most junction boxes are centered in the room, and therefore in many cases the chandelier will hang at the foot of the bed.

If your chandelier is too big it will overpower the room. By the same token if it’s too small it will look lost. The general room of thumb for a king or queen size bed is ideally a 36″ diameter chandelier.  A 24″wide light fixture is best suited to a double bed.

Our blog How to Size a Chandelier is a great resource before you start your research on inspiring crystal bedroom chandelier ideas.

Bubbling Over With Cool Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom chandelier ideas Old World Iron 543 chandelier with Sheer Magic sheer drum shade

Bedroom chandelier ideas Old World Iron 543 chandelier with Sheer Magic sheer drum shade

Challenge yourself to think in different directions and discover more about chandeliers. There are so many interesting bedroom chandelier ideas.  Keep in mind that chandeliers are not just for dining rooms. Our article the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a road map to our world of crystal lighting.

Take glass or crystal bubble chandeliers for example. These sleek chandeliers have style, texture, and depth.  Additionally, many beaded and bubble glass flush mount and chandelier styles are complete with shimmery sheer double lined shades. The subtle outline of the beads peaking through the sheer drum, oval and rectangular shades are magical.

On the other hand, another idea is classic empire chandeliers. We have maintained the empire shape but freshened up the styling with crystal, capiz or beaded trim options.  In addition, the basket style is elegantly modern.  Once again, these chandeliers are ideal for adding a romantic touch to the master bedroom.

We also suggest wall sconces to complete the space. They needn’t be matchy-matchy, but tie in with the overall look. The illuminating wall art adds drama and presence to the bedroom design. Last but not least are  crystal table lamps.  Modern or traditional lamps are the icing on the cake. They are decorative but also serve a purpose.

Regardless of the style or type, it’s important to note that a good quality light bulb is the key with any type of crystal lighting.

To Sum Up

To sum up, when it comes bedroom chandelier ideas the options are endless. Love what you buy and buy what you love.

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