Iron Crystal Chandeliers for Today

Iron crystal chandeliers are the crown jewel of traditional crystal lighting. The frame styling ranges from Baroque and Rococo to rustic and lastly clean and simple. There is an assortment of frame finishes to match most room decors.  What all the metal arm styles have in common is the stunning crystal adornments. Furthermore, small wrought iron chandeliers have big impact with intricate framework.  On the other hand, the large iron chandeliers make a statement with the size; framework and ornate crystal trimming.

Traditional Iron and Crystal Lighting

Our blog will examine how traditional iron crystal chandeliers fit into our today’s lifestyles. Classic designs never go out of style.   Furthermore, a sparkling clean wrought iron and crystal chandelier is the perfect centrepiece for a traditional or transitional dining room. An important tip is to take a picture of your fixture before removing the crystals to clean.  Keep the picture with the trimming instructions in a safe place. This reference guide will be very helpful when placing the crystals back on the chandelier.

Pairing an elaborate crystal chandelier with simple furnishings allows the chandelier to be the focal point of the room.  Another point to keep in mind, is adding a sheer drum shade to an iron and crystal chandelier. With the Sheer Magic System, you can create two different looks.  To learn all about crystal chandeliers The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a valuable road map.

Wrought Iron Kitchen Lighting

Iron & crystal chandeliers Chateau black wrought iron and smooth crystal pendants and chandelier for Regina Sturrock Design

Iron & crystal chandeliers Chateau Collection black wrought iron and smooth crystal pendants and dining chandelier for Regina Sturrock Design

Many people want to know how to choose traditional wrought iron chandeliers for their kitchen. Regina Sturrock Designs is a perfect example of bringing the classic Chateau small wrought iron chandeliers into an updated kitchen. The key was keeping to black and white and tying the look together with the intricate frame playing off the upholstery.

The small midnight iron island light frames and dining chandelier were then trimmed with modern smooth crystals. Pairing the traditional wrought iron framework with contemporary crystal was an important part of the overall design. Iron and crystal mini pendants with crystal or beads add a whimsical touch as kitchen island lighting.

The beauty of the space was that nothing in this kitchen felt cold, dated or stale. Actually, the opposite was true. The use of textures; patterns and the black and white color palette, allowed the kitchen to have an updated homey feel. Lastly, the leaf motif iron frame gave the chandelier an updated rustic French cottage feel.

Large Iron & Crystal Chandeliers

Large iron chandeliers Old World Iron grand chandelier. Custom wrought iron and crystal foyer chandelier.

Large iron chandeliers Old World Iron grand chandelier. Custom wrought iron and crystal foyer chandelier.

Nothing is more breathtaking than a dazzling crystal large iron chandelier with dramatic crystal trimming. Baroque and Rococo design is generally opulent with intricate framework. Usually the frames of these periods were iron or gold. For today’s lifestyle we play off the original intent but give a 21st century spin. Our frames are either wrought iron or cast.

Some Old World Iron wrought iron foyer chandelier have simple iron frames while other frames are elaborate.  Regardless of the framework, the sparkling crystal trimming, suits traditional as well as contemporary homes.  Your personal stamp will make your home unique with unexpected eclectic touches.  The  wrought iron framework allows the dramatic crystal trim to be the star.  Intricate English Manor cast frames are a more intricate design, with a definite old world European charm.  The crystal and cast metal framework designs create a classic showpiece.  

Customization choices for larger foyer chandeliers are available, allowing you options to create the look that is perfect for you.  Enjoy discovering the many wrought iron and crystal designs we have to offer.

Bedroom & Dining Room Chandeliers

Iron & crystal chandeliers Old World Iron traditional crystal chandelier and wrought iron chandelier

Iron & crystal chandeliers Old World Iron traditional crystal chandelier and wrought iron chandelier

Homes with tall ceilings are perfect canvases to install a large wrought iron and crystal chandelier in the dining room adding presence to the room. The dining room is interesting when mixing a classic wrought iron & crystal chandelier in a contemporary setting. It’s important to do it with intention and purpose of design.  Keep in mind, wrought iron light fixtures are also ideal for master bedrooms not only illuminating the room, but creating a mood as well. The right size crystal chandelier will make your room feel and look perfect.

Smaller wrought iron and crystal chandeliers, ceiling flush mounts and wall sconces complete the iron and crystal collections. The crystal and wrought iron fixtures are stunning on their own, or to carry a theme throughout the house.  Smaller iron and crystal chandeliers as well as wall sconces will add sparkle and elegance to hallways, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.  

To Sum Up

An iron & chandelier sets the tone of the house.  From exquisite grand foyer chandelier designs to dining room chandeliers, the sheer elegance suits yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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