Over the next few articles, we will be discussing the pros and cons of LED lights for home use. Global warming is a hot button issue with everyone concerned about the environment and energy consumption.  Studies show that half our carbon footprint is from electricity and almost ¼ of that is from lighting.  How do we lessen our carbon footprint? Are LED ceiling light fixtures and chandeliers the answer?

LED lighting is one option as it uses a fraction of the energy consumed by incandescent or halogen light bulbs.  We will look at LED’s from the perspective of cost, waste, design and energy efficiency.

Types of LED Ceiling Light Fixtures & Chandeliers

There are 2 different types of LED lights for home use. Integrated LED fixtures are self-contained. That means the LED is built into the light fixtures.  There is no light bulb socket. The LED driver is permanent and not replaceable. Therefore the bulbs can’t be replaced.

The second option is to retrofit a standard chandelier or flush mount by using LED replacement bulbs.  This is a great option if don’t want to replace your light fixture with  LED ceiling light fixtures or chandeliers. There are still many chandeliers in the market place that are not LED integrated.

The thing to keep in mind is if the bulbs are exposed, the LED (lamp) bulb is not attractive.  Replacement bulbs such as the candelabra base (CB or E12) and Edison base (EB or MB) are readily available.  Also of note, not all socket sizes have compatible LED lamps.  But alternatively, you don’t necessarily want to replace your light fixture with an LED light.

Are There Benefits of Integrated LED Fixtures?

There are a number of benefits to integrating LEDs into fixtures.  But is that what the general public wants?  What if the LED integrated fixture stops working?  It is not a common problem; however, it is not unheard of.   At that point, the fixture is no longer serviceable.  It is not the same as simply changing the light bulb or replacing the socket.

Additionally, we will explore if integrated LED fixtures are better for the environment and use less energy than retrofitting a chandelier.

To Sum Up

To conclude LED lights for home use has pros and cons. Our job is to inform you before making your lighting decisions. Take a look at our blog on the ultimate crystal chandelier guide to learn more about GLOW and our crystal lighting.

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