Today we are discussing the next facet of Glow Custom: Form & Function modular lighting system. Many spaces in a home; hotel or office lobby have an unusual, or irregular flow.  Maybe the rooms have awkward layouts making lighting an issue.  Or perhaps you simply want a customized modern crystal chandelier that’s unique and outside the box.  This is where Form & Function comes into play.

Our modular concept is simple but the final product looks anything but. The creation of wave; oval; rectangular or long winding “S” shape chandeliers is sure to impress.

Designing a truly custom chandelier can be costly and time-consuming. It can take months and the process may be overwhelming. We have a solution to create a modern light fixture in a cost effective, stress free and timely manner.  We like to think of our innovative Form & Function modular chandelier frame system as “custom in a box”.

What is Our Modular Chandelier System?

Wikipedia describes a modular design as “Modular design, or modularity in design, is an approach (design theory and practice) that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules (such as modular process skids), which can be independently created, modified, replaced or exchanged between different systems.”

In a nutshell, that’s Form & Function. The modular chandelier frame system is made up 3 basic components that interconnect to create a multitude of frame shapes. Our experienced design team will work with you to create the ideal style, size and shape chandelier to fit the space.  To give you a head start, our blog Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide gives a great overview on chandeliers.

Form & Function modular chandelier frame system:

The Form & Function frame components are straight forward. We begin with the 19” rectangle. The individual sleek polished chrome rectangular frame is 19” long and a little over 9”wide. Furthermore, the frame is specifically designed to connect with additional rectangular pieces or to be part of an intricate design.  Next is the Form & Function small pie. This shape has an outer radius of 14” whereas the large pie has an outer radius of 23”.

Form & Function modular system rectangle and pie shape chandelier parts

Form & Function modular system rectangle and pie shape chandelier frame parts

The final component is the hanging rods and round canopy. The polished chrome frame may be installed as a semi-flush mount or suspended from the rods. It’s important to note that the number of hanging rods and canopies needed depends on the design, length and weight. The actual rod height is not an issue as they are threaded and screw together.

The other key point about Form & Function is it can solve the issue of an off center junction box. We use a floating feed, which allows more leeway for the electrician when installing the frame.

Before you begin, read our post How to Size a Chandelier, so you will know the best size to suit your space.  Our team will help out with the correct proportions.

Form & Function Customization

Now comes the fun part of thinking outside the box and creating different shapes and designs  Let’s say you have a large dining room table and want to create even light over the entire table. Many conventional chandeliers simply hang in the middle of the table.

However, with the Form & Function crystal chandelier modular lighting system that can easily be rectified. For instance, we designed a racetrack shape frame which is 27” in depth and 46”in width. The components we used were 6 small pies+2 rectangles.  The shells and crystals were then configured in random lengths with the longest strand 30”high. This particular configuration used 20 x 50 watt GU10 halogen bulbs. Keep in mind that good quality clear soft white LED GU10 replacement base bulbs are an ideal alternative.

Customized capiz shell chandelier Form & Function-race track shape frame

Customized capiz shell and crystal chandelier Form & Function-race track shape frame

Perhaps you love the frame design but the room needs a larger of smaller fixture, that’s no problem. The beauty of the modular chandelier system is that we can make the light fixture virtually any size. An example of this is taking the racetrack we just discussed and combining two more rectangular pieces to make a larger fixture.

Customized crystal modern chandelier modular frame system Form & Function wave design

Customized modern crystal chandelier modular frame system Form & Function wave design

One more design idea is creating a wave shape. In this instance, the interior designer required a 40”w chandelier. To create the wave we connected 4 x small pie pieces together. Imagine, adding even more pie pieces together and running the Form & Function in a hotel lobby. It is an interesting way to make lighting the statement piece of the space.

Form & Function Trimming Options

Once you have decided on the actual frame design, the next step is selecting the trimming. We have 8 popular trim configurations. However, the beauty of the modular system is once again, you are only limited by your imagination. Our standard crystal trims included crystal octagons; assorted shape crystal elements or balls completing the crystal strings.  Smooth clear crystal beads and balls give the modern spin. Last but not least is our shell selection. They included capiz shell, mother of pearl and oyster shell.

Our customization feature now comes into play. You can use any of our popular trim configurations and give it your own touch. We offer a wide assortment of color crystals or perhaps you want to mix up the assorted shape elements. We can suggest different trims based on your personal taste and style. In addition we custom alter the trim lengths to your specifications.

Form & Function: Past Project

Modular chandelier frame system Form & Function crystal light Von Braun Center

Modular chandelier frame system Form & Function crystal light Von Braun Center

One of our favorite Form & Function modular lighting system projects was the Mark C. Smith Concert Hall in the Von Braun Center in Huntsville Alabama. In this instance the architect and designer had a specific look in mind. The chandeliers had to look as impressive from the lobby as they did from the balcony. In addition, the modern fixtures had to be a triangular shape. With our modular frame system our designer was able to achieve a soft stylized triangle. The long crystal strings were anchored with an assortment of crystal shape elements. The end result was spectacular and timeless.

Here are the crystal chandelier modular lighting system components we used:

6 x large 23”pies

3 x 19” rectangle

9 x hanging rods

Crystal strands with assorted shape crystals customized to specifications

Modular lighting system large Form & Function Von Braun Center Crystal Chandelier

Modular lighting system Form and Function large triangle crystal chandelier Von Braun Center

Last Word on Form & Function Customization

As with any Custom or customized project we simply need the fixture specs, pictures of the space if possible and the budget. Our downloadable Glow Customization Form & Function pdf brochure is printable and is a great resource.

Have fun playing with the different modular shapes to come up with your ideal Form & Function light fixture.

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