The Bead and Bubble Chandelier Event features an assortment of glass bubble,crystal and pearl like beaded chandeliers at special pricing. The wide assortment of beaded chandeliers and flush mounts are available in modern as well as more transitional styles.

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Smooth glass bubble and crystal beaded light fixtures have pristine smooth crystals and spotlight a wide variety of sleek and innovative designs. The modern smooth crystal shape offerings are made up of a variety of assorted size balls; teeming strands of glass bubbles and crystal beads and balls.

The lustre and elegance of the pearl like beads captures the look of natural pearls. The faux pearls consist of man made materials that give the beads their pearly opalescent essence. The creamy champagne tones of the pearl like beads accented with clear crystal beads creates a beaded chandelier with texture and depth.

Many beaded chandeliers and beaded flush mount styles are complete with shimmery sheer double lined shades. The sheerness of the drum shades along with the oval and rectangular shades creates a shadow effect with the outline of the beads peeking through.

The Bead and Bubble Chandelier Event is the time to add a new look to your decor.

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