Jewel Box 564AC02 Lighting Accessories | 4″ Width

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Trim accessory designed to fit most major brands 4″ can light/pot lights.




Fixture Type

4" Recessed/Pot Light Trim Kit

  • Clear bobeche filled with crystal, including chrome mounting clips. (Housing trim not included)
  • Designed to fit most fit most major brands of 4" recessed lights
  • Model # 564AC02SP

Crystal Options

Danube Crystal  (3)

  • GLOW® Danube Collection crystal, featuring more than 30% Lead Oxide, will provide a beautiful aesthetic and traditional quality at a truly exceptional value. ...Read More
     Lead Oxide has traditionally been considered the crucial component in crystal for its brilliance and highly intense color spectrum. 

Swarovski ELEMENTS  (9)

  • Swarovski® ELEMENTS is recognized as the benchmark in crystal. ...Read More
      Swarovski® ELEMENTS provides the ultimate in brilliance and creates a fascinating interplay of color. Every crystal is precision-cut with a guarantee of crystal purity. The laser-engraved trapeze found on each crystal is the indelible mark of crystal from Swarovski®. All fixtures trimmed with SwarovskI® ELEMENTS comes with a Made with Swarovski® ELEMENTS tag.

Additional information


Metal Finish

Crystal Color

Fixture Trims

GLOW® Danube Crystal, Swarovski® ELEMENTS


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