Replacement Crystal CK8016 Octagon Lighting Accessories | 24 Pack

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The replacement crystal octagon parts kit features faceted crystal prism crystal octagon chandelier parts. It is a box set of 24 dazzling 14mm octagon shaped crystals along with the silver bow tie pins. The replacement crystal parts are available in Glow Signature Series crystal or Danube Crystal.



Size Options

  • The kit contains 24 crystals and 24 silver bow tie pins
  • 14mm W x 14mm H

Signature Crystal  (7)

  • Signature Series Crystal Trim places the emphasis on the overall design ...Read More
     and styling of the entire fixture, by incorporating a combination of various crystal types to suit the fixture some of which may include SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, optically pure crystals, Advanced Crystal, SPECTRA® CRYSTAL, glass, and colour crystals.

Swarovski ELEMENTS  (9)

  • Swarovski® ELEMENTS is recognized as the benchmark in crystal. ...Read More
      Swarovski® ELEMENTS provides the ultimate in brilliance and creates a fascinating interplay of color. Every crystal is precision-cut with a guarantee of crystal purity. The laser-engraved trapeze found on each crystal is the indelible mark of crystal from Swarovski®. All fixtures trimmed with SwarovskI® ELEMENTS comes with a Made with Swarovski® ELEMENTS tag.

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Fixture Trims

GLOW® Signature Crystal, GLOW® Danube Crystal, Swarovski® ELEMENTS


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