Capiz Shell Dinning Room Pendant Chandelier And Wall Sconce
Jodie O Designs, 2015 Designer of the Year - Interior Design Society.

Mother of Pearl Shells

Glow Mother of Pearl Shells Trim Option Sample Swatch Custom

Mother of Pearl has many unique qualities. No two shells are alike with this iridescent lustrous dark hued shell. The rich color veining varies from shell to shell be it the round or the rectangular cut version. When looked at from various angles the different color tones are reflected.

Oyster Shells

Oyster shell is an opalescent natural toned durable shell. No two shells are the same and therefore the cream and beige palette may be accented with peach, taupe or grey hues. The beauty of the designs trimmed with the oyster shell is the variance of color veining running throughout the fixture.

Capiz Shells

Capiz shell is a thin translucent white shell. The delicate Capiz has a light and airy quality and is beautiful alone or mixed with crystals.


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